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Hedgehog Chapter: Scurry

Hedgehog Scurry
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself. This complicates the plans of both Heaven and Hell.
Reminder: Sam. Is. An. Addict.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish



Bobby was running as he hit the door to the ice cream parlor. The door crashed open, but no one gave him a dirty look. The owner of the shop pointed to the back door before Bobby could even ask the question. Bobby muttered a relieved ‘thank you’ and ran for the back. Without pause, Bobby kicked the door open and moved to the side in case Sam had prepared an ambush.

Sam hadn’t.

Sam wasn’t anywhere to be seen. Bobby caught a glimpse of Ruby’s backside as she turned the corner on the far end of the alley. He leaned forward to chase after her.

In the corner of his eye, he could see Charli stand. Sensei Okada called, “Singer-san” at the same time. Bobby lost his balance. He didn’t fall, but he felt (and he was sure he looked) damn awkward.

Dean climbed to his feet at Charli’s side and Bobby felt weak in the knees. He gathered Dean in his arms. “You’re safe. You’re safe,” he muttered. Dean was shaking. Bobby just picked him up. Dean was a little big to be carried, but these were extenuating circumstances. Dean didn’t even complain about being treated like a baby; he just held on tight and hid his face in Bobby’s neck.

“How did Sam not see you?” Sensei Okada asked Charli.

“Sometimes, if the grass is tall enough and you lay really still, people won’t see you.” She looked sad. “But you have to remember to stay still even if you hear something horrible.”

Bobby didn’t want to consider what nightmare-inducing sounds Charli had heard when she had first learned that horrible lesson in her Sudanese village. He knew that he would eventually have to ask what they had heard in the last five minutes.

Dean put his mouth right next to Bobby’s ear. “The hell skank wanted to put a demon in Charli and Joel and it took Sammy a looooonnnngggg time to say no.”

Bobby didn’t have time to deal with that kind of trauma now. “We’re going on lockdown. Charli, your sister should be waiting for us at the dojo. She can call your uncle. Joel, we’ll pick up your mom and sister on our way out of town. Everyone is staying at the garage until Sam leaves.”

“I’ll drive Charli’s family,” Sensei Okada suggested. “You’re going to have a very full truck with only Joel’s.”

Bobby nodded, accepting the truth. “Let’s get.”


Joel’s mother, Martha, and his sister, Jenny, didn’t take much convincing to leave everything and move into Bobby’s house for a couple days. Martha had a duffle bag full of necessaries for each member of her family resting near the back door of their house. They could leave at the drop of a hat. The three kids sat on the duffle bags behind the bucket seats of Bobby’s truck and Martha sat in the front as Bobby drove them home. Martha didn’t think that Bobby was blowing the situation out of proportion. She had seen and survived some of the worst humans could dish out to each other.

“What might Dean’s brother do?” she asked quietly.

Bobby was a bit surprised that she would venture onto this topic with the children right there but Martha had kept her kids alive by telling them the truth. “I don’t know,” Bobby admitted. “Sam was thinking about using Charli and Joel to get to Dean though. He didn’t used to be like this.”

“They never were,” Martha breathed.

Bobby spared a moment to wonder what Martha’s husband had been when they had first met. He looked in his rearview mirror and saw Sensei Okada following with Charli’s family. “Once we get to the junkyard, we’ll be safe.” He looked in the mirror again and nearly swerved off the road. Castiel was flying behind them, with something in his hand that was as bright as the sun. They literally had a guardian angel on drag.

“We will be safe.” This time the words were easier to promise.



Jan. 9th, 2013 06:38 pm (UTC)
Dammit Sam! So stupid, he doesn't even realize thinking it.
Awesome update!

Edited at 2013-01-09 06:39 pm (UTC)
Feb. 1st, 2013 11:24 pm (UTC)
yes! that's exactly what i wanted the reader to get.