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10 Recruits the SGC Never Had

Series: 10 Recruits the SGC Never Had 
5 Shorts by paburke, finally getting around to posting.  faithdaria's 5 can be found here
Summary: SG1 and Dr. Fraiser sitting around a slide-projector discussing possible recruits for the SGC as put forth by the recommendations of various governmental agencies.
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended. I do not own any of the characters.
Word Count: Varies per universe
Rating: Suitable for family viewing
Spoilers/Warnings: Disregard Heroes. Everything else as shown, through the end of season 8.

Viva Las Vegas

“Next is Dr. Gil Grissom,” Carter said. “He’s a pathological entomologist. He works full-time as the night-shift supervisor in Las Vegas and lectures at crime scene conventions around the country.”

“A bug guy, Carter? You’re sure we need a bug guy?” Jack asked.

Sam explained, “The SGC has a very strong computer and technical department but much of what the planets have to offer is ecological. We need to build up our biology and zoology departments to really understand what the universe has to offer. Dr. Grissom has the drive, leadership and mental capabilities to run a part of the department.”

“You can’t have him, Sam, sorry,” Janet Fraiser commented. “His hearing alone would disqualify him from all ‘Gate travel. He would not pass other parts of the physical exam.”

“Don’t feel bad, Carter,” Daniel encouraged. “Look at this guy’s track record. He’s catching criminals and keeping them off the streets. We need him here on Earth.”

Carter sighed but added Dr. Grissom’s file to the reject pile. Due to the dangers the SGC had experienced in the past, there was no way anyone would sign off on bringing bugs through the ‘Gate for the doctor to study on Earth.

Need to let Go

Jack stiffled a yawn. “So who is it this time?”

The airman clicked his mouse and a handsome blond male appeared on the screen. Both Sam and Daniel straightened for two very different reasons.

“Clayton Danvers,” Daniel announced. “He is a genius, specializes in anthropology. No serious tie to a university but guest speaks on occasion.”


“No?” repeated Daniel. “Why on Earth not?”

Jack had noticed the women eyeing the handsome face but only pointed to a fact listed in the personnel file. “He’s thirty-seven and still lives with his father. Don’t you think it’s long past time to snip the apron ties?” Jack didn’t give Daniel a chance to reply. “No, so who’s next?”

Father’s Eyes

“This is an interesting one, sir,” Carter introduced the next applicant.

“How so?”

Sam looked through the file and then glanced at the picture on the screen. “Keith Mars: he was the town sheriff, and there was some sort of scandal and he was replaced. He and his daughter, though considered small time, have quite the reputation in picking up bounties. They are known and respected by even the FBI for picking up shady characters. They have determination, adaptability, and are down right stubborn when the situation warrants it. They are considered to be quite the team.”

Jack looked through the file and compared the pictures. Father and daughter, they looked nothing alike, but Jack could see the same intelligence and determination in both sets of eyes. “Put them in the ‘maybe-later’ pile.”


“At the moment, the daughter’s underage and he’s her sole guardian. I’ve said it before, I won’t hire anyone under the age of twenty-one, and I’m not about to orphan a little girl. We’ll wait on those two.”

“Yes, sir.”

Daniel meanwhile was going through his list and circling the ones that were too young. If Jack could have a ‘maybe-later’ pile, then so would Daniel.


“Jaina Solo?”

Jack’s eyes narrowed and he glared at Daniel.

Daniel looked confused. “Isn’t that the young woman who broke into the SGC?” he asked.

Jack frowned; so that wasn’t the culprit. “Yes Daniel, she did. Three times, after escaping from a mental institution each time.”

“Jaina Solo is a most formidable warrior.”

Jack’s jaw dropped. “Teal’c? You put her in the prospective personnel pot?”


“Teal’c,” Surprise was momentarily rendering Jack O’Neill speechless. “She’s nutso. She claims to be from a galaxy far, far away and that she crash-landed on Earth. She claims that she’s a telekinetic, except she can’t prove it because there’s something on Earth interfering with her ‘FORCE.’”

“Sir, we’ve seen something like this before.”

“No, Carter,” Jack shook his head. “Not like this. Miss Solo belongs in the mental institution.”

All for One
A/N: I sometimes make fun of myself. Considering some of the other stories that I’ve written, I consider this story to be a great irony.

Daniel frowned at the six pictures on the screen. “What’s this?”

Jack glanced through the file in front of him. He looked pained. “Apparently the President would like us to consider this group as an addition to the SGC.”

Even Sam frowned. “The entire group? I could understand maybe hiring Miss Rosenburg. She has quite a few computer accomplishments but . . .”

Janet cut her off. “There’s a note in Rosenburg’s medical file. She has a dangerous mental instability when a close friend dies.”

The SGC members paused to remember those who had died. This was a dangerous place and one-in-ten of all new recruits left in a box. Bad odds for someone who was known to completely break down over death.

Daniel perked up. “Dr. Giles was the assistant curator for a museum in England. Perhaps he . . .”

“No, Daniel.” Jack cut him off.

“But Jack!”

“No, Daniel. He’s British.”

Daniel gave a pointed glance at the flags lining the room. “Great Britain is an ally. They know about the StarGate. They want to become involved in the StarGate program.” Daniel spoke slowly, as to a small child.

Jack responded in kind. “And we have to look through their list first. We can’t offer them a name of someone we want to hire and not expect them to retaliate with a list of people they want us to hire. No, I won’t play in those political waters. Pass the name to Davis and see what he can do.”

“Then how about Miss Summers?” Daniel countered.

“Which one?”

“The younger. She has . . .”

“No Daniel. Too young.”

“But . . .”

“But nothing. We don’t look at anyone who isn’t eighteen, preferably 21. Let the kids grow up.”

Teal’c spoke up. “There are three other individuals on screen.”

Janet Fraiser shook her head. “Mr. Harris is missing an eye. And too much damage has been done to the nerves to replace it.”

“So all we have left is Miss . . .” Sam frowned at she scanned the file. “Faith.”

Jack shook his head. “No. Carter, did you look at her picture? Her mug shot really is a mug shot. She was in jail for murder. No.” Jack flipped to the last personnel folder. “And a cheerleader. The President must be playing a joke on us.” He motioned to the airman running the projector. “We're finished here.”