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For mandraco 

Aramaic for Lady, Singular

Prompt: House/Supernatural. Martha M Masters is Meg Masters' younger sister.  SPN Season 4 Spoilers

Word Count: 300

Martha returned home after another grueling day at Dr. House’s side.  Her house was Spartan and cold.  Her intelligence was revealed in the piles of books detailing a random assortment of topics.  Her house was not welcoming.  Martha didn’t know how to make it welcoming.  Her oldest sister, Meg, would have conquered the space with colors and her bohemian ways.  The middle sister, Mal, would have turned the residence into something normal.  Both of her sisters’ residencies would have been welcoming.  They would have helped Martha, the youngest sister, with hers.

But Meg, Meghana, Hindu for raincloud, was dead.  Her free-spirited exploration of the United States by bus turned tragic.  Martha didn’t know what happened to her precious sister.  The autopsy reports were confusing even for a genius.  She had hoped that a medical degree would decode Meg’s wounds.  As of yet, it hadn’t.

And Mal, Mallory, an old French for unlucky, had committed suicide.  Meg’s disappearance and subsequent death had been too much for the ‘normal’ one.  Mal had constantly been overlooked in life.  As the middle child, she had tried to meet their parents’ expectations.  She had never rebelled (other than that one hangover) and gotten straight A’s in school but when one had a younger sister like Martha even straight A’s weren’t good enough.

Martha alone remained.  Decades ago, her parents had focused on their youngest when it became apparent that she was a genius.  Meg and Mal had banded together but they had still loved Martha despite her intelligence.  Her parents took them for granted and sometimes it felt like her parents were her parents and not their parents.   They were unchanged by the deaths of their daughters.  Did her parents mourn Meg and Mal? 

Martha mourned her sisters, but more than that, she missed them.



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Dec. 10th, 2012 12:43 am (UTC)
Yay! Thanks for writing this. It's awesome.

I really liked the idea that Martha got into medicine because of Meg. And adding in Mal was a nice touch.
Dec. 10th, 2012 09:23 pm (UTC)
:) That's all that matters then.
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