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Masterpost: kumu

Title: kumu
Author: faithburke
Artist: galadriel34
Word Count: ~30,000
Rating: teen
Characters/Pairings: slight Steve McGarrett/Cath Rollins, canon-like Danny Williams/Rachel Edwards, Kono Kalakaua, Chin Ho Kelly, Grace Williams
Warnings language, adult situations, minor character death, tons of OCs, one side mention of killing children, tiny crossover with NCIS:LA and shirtless Steve.
Summary: Wing!fic AU.  This also is about six months after the events of ‘5 Times Steve saw Danny’s Wings and 1 Time He Didn’t’  Really should read that first.  Danny has hidden his wings and his daughter's their entire lives, but the secret is about to be exposed.  Steve has to protect his 'ohana and prove to Danno that he can teach more than Grace.
Link to art master post: here
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