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Prompt: The Avengers, Nick Fury + Phil Coulson, they're friends

Phil Coulson stands in Nick Fury’s blind spot.  If Coulson is present, Fury doesn’t have to compensate.

Fury supports all decisions Coulson makes in the field.  Some might say he does it blindly.  Fury’s not blind, he simply trusts that Coulson made the absolute best decision with the available data.  Then Coulson recruited Barton.  After a rocky start, Fury decided that Coulson hired him for entertainment value (Fury’s) and rewarded it with a rare Captain America trading card.

Coulson retaliated with a new bazooka and the freshly recruited agent Maria Hill to stand in the blind spot in his stead.

Hawaii Five-0, Chin + Kono + Danny+Steve

Steve had been with Navy Intelligence for years.  He had not let his mutant ability to cause and control explosions pigeon hole him into a demolitions or black ops crew.  He wanted to be known for what he was, not for an ability he had been born with.  But then his father died and Hawaii’s governor had offered him a no-red-tape superhero task force.  The only reason he had accepted was to find his father’s murderer, he couldn’t trust the haole to do it right.  Steve’s call sign had been Kekoa, warrior, for years.  He saw no need to change it as he started up the task force.

The first thing he needed was a partner.  Then Steve realized that the haole investigating his father’s case was 1, a very good detective, and 2, had a talent (super?) of finding hidden connections.  Steve ramrodded Danny Williams onto his team.  Danny didn’t have a superhero name and refused every tag Steve tried.  Because of Danny’s ability to get things done when no one was watching, Chin and Kono called him Menehune after the legendary little people of the island who built fish ponds and temples after dark.  Danny ignored that name too.  Steve eventually gave up on that front and called him by his daughter’s nickname, “Danno.”

When Steve discovered that Chin had a special ability, he had to invite him to join the governor’s special task force.  Chin could calm any crowd or mob with the force of his will.  It was as if his innate calm spread among the masses.  Steve called him Mauna (mountain) but Danny called him Deep Waters and that name stuck. Then they found out that Chin could manipulate computers better than people and they were all happy.

Kono was Kai Keiki, child of saltwater, because the ocean gave her all of its secrets.  She was a rookie, but promising.  Steve was smug as the task force cleared case after case.

Supernatural / Avengers Movie

1.)    Nick Fury could respect John Winchester’s results. The former Marine had an impressive record before leaving the service and it only improved after his wife was killed.  If there was a danger to civilians, Winchester made it disappear, no matter the personal risk.  Then Winchester moved his damaged family again and Fury didn’t care enough for the man’s psych profile to track him down again.

2.)    Sam Winchester caught Fury’s eye while still in college.  He had all of the Marine training without being a Marine.  He was meticulous and as determined as a bulldog pursuing ‘right.’  He didn’t mind paperwork; in fact, he attacked it with the same it with the same intensity as he did a supernatural danger.  Then his girlfriend died and Fury had seen this story before.

3.)    Fury used Dean Winchester as a training tool.  New SHIELD recruits were supposed to find, approach and offer the lone older brother a job.  Even with the superior qualifications of all SHIELD personnel, only twenty percent ever cornered him.  Dean turned down every job offer, sometimes by flustering or scaring the recruit and sometimes by challenging them to a drinking contest that they inevitably lost.

4.)    No matter how good Dean and Sam Winchester were separate, they exceeded all expectations together.  They were a team better than anything training could create.  Natasha would be able to beat one, but they would not separate and she would lose against both.  Dean wouldn’t let a SHIELD agent approach Sam.  Fury would wait until their sibling relationship had recovered before sending Barton.

5.)    Fury chatted with young Ben Braeden, ie Winchester in all but name.  He told the teen in the presence of his mother that he respected Dean and that SHIELD could train him.  It would give him a purpose and a team.  Ben was tempted but he still had some growing to go.  He had to mature first.  Fury was looking forward to watching that future develop.

6.)    (and the one he had employed) He browsed the coffee section, waiting to deliver the paycheck.  He was mid-management now, but that would change.  As expected, Winchester was on time, pushing a full grocery cart and with a toddler in tow.  She was pregnant again.  He wasn’t surprised when she handed him her letter of resignation in exchange for the cash.  No more dropping Dean off at a babysitter’s for an afternoon mission to pay the bills.  Pity.  Mary Winchester was his most creative problem-solver.