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Things you never knew about baby-sitting

If you happen to be baby-sitting a 9-10 month old baby and have no real toys besides action figures and stuffed animals, here are some things that can be turned into toys with careful supervision.

1. Sealed can of coffee beans.  Apparently he likes to roll them back and forth across the floor to hear the rattle.
2. Empty plastic water bottle.  It turns into a percussion instrument.
3. Half-empty plastic water bottle.  Watch how it changes!
4. Five-pound dumbbell.  This one sounds irresponsible, but it's too heavy for him to lift and it has hexagons on the ends so it can roll, but with difficulty.
5. Empty box, turned upside down with the flaps open.  He keeps trying to turn the box over, but he's on one of the flaps every time.
6. Shoes, as long as he doesn't make a move to put them in his mouth.
7. Clean towels.
8. Kitchen stool, which he loved scraping across the floor.
9. Crochet book, which he took to be a picture book.
10. Remote control to a device that is currently unplugged, as long as it stays out of his mouth.  He was mostly fascinated with the buttons.

All this to say that we were baby-sitting three small children this weekend and are rightfully tired.



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Jul. 30th, 2012 02:25 am (UTC)
It sure sounds like you guys were tired. Good job in keeping your sanity, ladies...or lady if it was just one of you doing the sitting. (As for #4, my uncle had one of these and it fascinated me in about the same way for much longer than I care to publicly admit.)
Jul. 30th, 2012 04:39 am (UTC)
Babies really are fascinated by common objects. They don't need expensive toys, just something they can touch and explore.
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