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Drabble: Transfer Students

Transfer Students
By PaBurke
Cross: Glee/Batman
Double Drabble

There was something strange with the two new kids, Tim and Cassie. For one, they joined Glee Club after being in the school for a week and seeing the abuse that the other kids (not to mention Sue Sylvester) heaped on the musical group. Two, Cassie didn’t talk, let alone sing. She could dance though. She was so smooth and powerful. Tim danced as if he had some very expensive teachers. He sung ‘Am I Blue for You’ as his try-out song. Will was impressed that he even had heard of the song, let alone picked it to sing in front of peers. They kept out of most of the high school drama. And somehow managed to never get hit with a Slushie.

Then there was the mess with Sue buying some sort of super-enhancer drug for her Cheerios and getting busted by the FBI and Gotham (Gotham!) Police. By the time the dust settled, the odd (and oddly aged) pair (they weren’t a couple, not with the way that Tim flirted with Quinn) quietly transferred out of the school. Will missed the way that their dancing was reliably solid, but otherwise forgot about their brief stint in Lima, Ohio.