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So, I went from posting none of my writing on the internet for about 2-3 years, to doing "Home is Where Your Story Begins" at the end of last year, and now I am planning on doing au_bigbang with this nifty Star Wars thing (that's 15,000 words) and spn_j2_bigbang with another idea that's been in my head for months (20,000 words) while Patience is planning sncross_bigbang, another 15,000 words. And I want to finish the sequel to Home is Where Your Story Begins, visit my sister on Grand Cayman in March, go to my friend's wedding in June, host the mini-reunion of some of my Cedarville compadres, and keep all my church and work commitments.

Somebody shoot me before I sign up to do something else!

On another note, tomorrow I get my wisdom teeth taken out. Good times. They already gave me narcotics and they're putting me under, which should be a blast.

EDIT: I totally, totally fail at lj.


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Jan. 7th, 2010 04:11 am (UTC)
You do not fail, Tabithat, you're just a newb. A very very busy newb. *makes mental note not to share stumbled-upon challenges with overwrought writer-friend*
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