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Fic: Beach Thoughts

Beach Thoughts
by PaBurke
*** Summary *** Dresden lj prompt: Darkness. Had to do the opposite. A bit (a lot) of a Harry/Murphy ’ship.
*** Spoilers *** book eight of the Dresden books, White Night
*** Disclaimer *** I'm playing with someone else's toys. No Copyright infringement intended. No money made. Hopefully everyone will treat this like a plug for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Very much worth reading, buying, or in our case-gifting.
*** Warning *** None, little language. 
*** Distribution *** The Nook
*** Word Count: 300
The sand was sugar-white. The sun was blinding-bright, the air breezy and hot. The surf crashed and sent droplets of salt water our way.
It was good.
But it wasn’t Hawaii. It could never be Hawaii. I couldn’t fly in a plane without destroying it, and a boat would be too slow. Carlos had been pessimistic about our chances of getting through the Nevernever safely.
So we were stuck in the Florida Keys. Nice, but not the best she’d ever had. It should have been the best.
“Dresden,” Murphy-Karrin, I corrected myself with a smirk- said. “Quit thinking.”
“You complained about that last night too,” I reminded.
She finally lifted her head off her beach blanket. I was distracted by her bare back. Her bikini top was untied; she didn’t want tan lines. She laid her left hand on my knee. I saw the tiny diamond on her hand and frowned. I wished I had been able to get something bigger.
“Harry,” she spoke as if to a small child. “We beat the odds. You’re alive. I’m alive. We’re married, we’re on our honeymoon. There is no reason for frustration.”
I leered at her, but she didn’t blush. She was trying to make a point. “Harry, we have to enjoy our honeymoon, or our marriage won’t last. There’s more to us than running from one life threatening situation to another.”
I slid down to her side. “You’re right.”
She huffed. “Of course, I am. Quit worrying. This is already better than Hawaii.”
How had she known? Well, her ability to read my mind might have been one of the reasons I married this woman. 
Her ability to kiss me and remove all thought processes from my mind was another.
We beat the odds.
And I got to win.
Go Harry!