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Chapter 9: Angel in the Family

Dean woke up later than usual. He basked in the silence. Then he realized that Ben was out with his patrol schedule and CJ should have awakened by now. He tossed back the covers, maneuvered himself into his wheelchair and made a beeline for the nursery.

Castiel was holding CJ. “Caleb James,” he intoned quietly. “You will do great things and be an honor to your family.”

“Dude,” Dean warned. “He’s a little young for that.”

Castiel turned. “Dean.”


“I am pleased to see you.”

Dean twitched a shoulder. “I’m not totally pissed that you decided to stop by.”

There was an awkward silence. Well, Dean thought it was awkward, Castiel probably didn’t notice. CJ was awake in Castiel’s hands, but not fussing. He should have been hungry but he was staring at Cas like he was fascinating.

Dean was never one to turn down true help when it concerned CJ. He wasn’t stupid. “Since you’re keeping him quiet, bring him into the kitchen while I get his bottle ready.” He turned his wheelchair and maneuvered himself around the handicap-equipped kitchen. Dean was an old hand at CJ’s bottle and Cas was wise enough to stand out of the way. He was as absorbed with CJ as CJ was with him. Dean wondered if CJ could see Cas’s true form.

Not that it mattered, but he sure hoped the hell not.

“Why are you here?”

“The Winchesters are in the center of another supernatural war.”

Dean jerked and was glad that he had already put the pan of water on the stove. “We are?”


“What?” Dean was confused.

“CJ’s father. He was born with the identification of X5-494.”

“That sucks. Tell me that he also has a name that’s not Simon, ‘cause I’m sure as hell not going to call him that or a number.”

“He is now referred to as ‘Alec’.”

“That’s better,” Dean told the angel. “So you’ve been watching him?”

“Once I realized that he was a Winchester. It was only a matter of time before he attracted demonic attention.”

“The war?” Dean put together the bottle and reached for CJ. The baby was eager for his breakfast.

“Has not occurred yet, but the demons are circling.”

“Alec isn’t ready for that kind of enemy,” Dean worried.


“And if he’s anything like any other Winchester, he’s going to head straight for trouble, the most dangerous part of it.”

Cas cocked his head in a familiar manner. “Oh.”

Dean winced. “He’s already in trouble, isn’t he?”


Before Dean had finished “Son of a…” Castiel was gone.


Alec was getting tired of this scenario: him tied up and White threatening/beating/just being a pain in the ass. Seriously. White had gotten lucky had had managed to pick Alec up when he had been on a solo mission. Max was going to flip and then harass him until the end of time for constantly being the damsel in distress.

He did admit that this time, things were slightly different. White wasn’t in charge and Alec had to escape if only to tell Max that piece of intel.

“Where is your family?” the man who was bossing White around demanded of Alec. White looked confused by the question.

Alec let his eyes widen. “Seriously? How stupid are you? I’m a transgenic. We’re made, not born.”

The man –he smelled of sulfur, Alec decided- hit Alec hard. Harder than he had been hit by even a transgenic recently. “You’re lying. Where is your family?”

“I have a unit, not a family. How come you smell of rotten eggs?” Alec asked just to be irritating.

The man hit Alec again. Alec tasted blood and his eyes were doing funning things, black on the edges and white flecks floating through his vision. The man’s eyes looked black for a second. Alec wasn’t sure how many more hits his body could take.

A new man appeared –seriously appeared- and Alec must have a serious concussion not to notice his approach. Whatever door this guy entered through was still open and it must have rained outside. Alec smelled clean air, air cleaner than he remembered it ever being in Seattle for all it rained. It smelled like a fun outdoor op at Manticore.

“What do you know?” the strong man sneered. “I started playing with the fake Winchester and their pet angel appears out of the woodwork. It’s like you’re their guardian angel or something.”

The new man made a motion with his hand and –must be a telekinetic- because the sulfur smelling man went flying into a wall. White involuntarily followed a second later. “I am,” the new man pronounced.

Alec quelled a bit at the new man’s sudden attention. He had piercing blue eyes. The man examined at him and didn’t change his expression. “Sleep, Alec.”

PsyOps, was Alec’s last thought.


“Ow,” Alec grumbled. He woke and suddenly remembered where he had last been. He opened his eyes and saw blue eyes directly in his face. Alec scrambled back, realized that he wasn’t restrained and swung at the stranger. He connected and the man’s head snapped to the side, but he didn’t appear hurt.

What the hell? That should have broken his neck and his jaw.

“He is now uninjured,” the stranger that Alec had just assaulted told someone else. He didn’t even sound surprised or annoyed that Alec had hit him.

“So I see.”

Alec shifted his eyes to the voice and was infinitely surprised to see an older version of himself in a wheelchair. His Old Version was amused. “Thanks for healing him, Cas.”

“You requested,” Cas stated. He laid a friendly hand on Older Version. “Call for me if any difficulties develop.”

“Sure,” Older Version nodded.

Cas lifted his hand from Older Version’s shoulder and –without even acknowledging Alec’s presence- disappeared with the sound of wings that Alec sure as hell didn’t see and he didn’t know that they were black shadows. What the hell? Alec knew for a fact that Manticore had never developed a teleporting x-series and he hoped like hell that the Cult hadn’t either.

“He’s an angel,” Older Version told Alec.

“An angel?” Alec repeated dumbly. Like he was going to believe that. He snorted.

Older Version just shrugged. He didn’t care if Alec didn’t believe him. “He healed you and got you out of the compound. Though not in that exact order.”

Alec suddenly remembered that he had been in White’s compound and White and the black-eyed man had been torturing him. He had several broken bones at his last count. He hadn’t been unconscious long enough to heal on his own. He might believe the possibility of healing… “If he healed me, why didn’t he heal you?” Alec demanded.

Older Version’s face shut down. Then he quirked his lips the same way that Alec did just before a massive distraction. Alec was prepared to hear a lie. Instead, Older Version said, “That’s none of your business yet.”

The ‘yet’ was a curious addition to the statement. Truth or lie? Did it matter? “Where am I?” Alec asked.

“Ghost Town, South Dakota.”

Alec was really surprised to recognize the name. He let his emotions show on his face.

“Yeah,” Older Version said casually. “That place where Dr. Carr and family lives and Gem visited.”

Alec was impressed with Older Version’s intel. “Who are you?”

“Dean Winchester, your genetic donor, Alec.” Dean grinned. “But I’m sure you already figured that out.”

Yes, Alec had guessed that Manticore had mixed this guy’s DNA in with the feline and the other shit, but he knew Alec’s name. “Who told you my name?”

“Cas did. You hungry?”

Starved, but he wouldn’t reveal that kind of weakness. Part of him didn’t think he had anything to worry about from an old guy stuck in a wheelchair, but another part of his brain warned that Dean just knew too damn much. Knowledge was a kind of power too.

Dean huffed and Alec wanted to believe that when he did it, he looked more handsome. “Alec, we’re family.”

“Look, I don’t know what you think a couple similar DNA strains earn you but…”

Dean cut him off. “I’m raising your son.”

Alec stopped breathing.