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Chapter 4: Dreams and Desires: Family Ties

Alec knew that it was too soon to expect results, but that didn’t stop him from pacing by the computer waiting for Dix to declare it safe to contact Logan. Alec jumped the steps as he ordered the little transgenic to do just that. Max watched, somewhat amused, even as she cleared the HQ of all nonessential personal. She had been nagging him in her spare time (what little of it there was) about the secret that Logan had told him. Alec knew that he would tell her eventually, but he couldn’t just yet.

He was still getting used to it himself: he had a son.

And one by Rachael, the only girl he had ever loved.

Finally Logan came online. Alec judged that he didn’t look beaten or discouraged, but he didn’t look triumphant either. He did look determined and once again, Alec reminded himself that it was very early in the search for Rachael’s son. He wanted to be the one searching but knew that White and the government were constantly trying to hack their internet connection. Alec didn’t want to lead White to the child.

Finally, Logan completed his report and asked for some privacy with Alec. Max gave Alec a warning look, but left the room.


“The good news is that Berrisford lied.”

Alec’s heart stopped in his chest. “There was no child?” He had already claimed the child as his own. He wanted that little boy already.

“What?” Logan looked a little stunned. “No. No. I mean that he didn’t send the information to White. He just sent it to you. I’m sure that there was a child. Berrisford had an OB/GYN specialist in the files and the housekeeper recognized the name. Unfortunately, she’s dead, car accident last year. The main physician died of old age just months after Rachael. I’m trying to track another down, but he’s in Europe and it’s been a challenge. There’s a nurse somewhere out there as well. I’m doing the best I can.”

Alec glanced down at his hands; they were shaking badly. “Logan?”


“Thank you and be very, very careful.”

Logan rolled his eyes. “I do have three bodyguards in the house.”

But most of the time he left them at home while he did his errands. “Did you talk to Berrisford?” Alec finally ventured.

“No.” Logan glanced away from the screen. “The housekeeper, like I said. Berrisford died right after he sent you the package. I managed to download his hard drive, but it looks like he mostly wiped it clean. I’m not finding much about Rachael’s convalescence.” Logan paused again. “I have found several pictures of Rachael on the hard drive, if you are interested.”

“I’m interested,” Alec blurted out. “Just… send them by courier. I don’t want that online.”

“Will do.”

“I have a couple leads, but not a lot to go on. I’ll let you know what I find.”



Logan didn’t ask to speak to Alec for another week. He sent a couple pictures of Rachael via Ransom, some small enough to keep on his person, others big enough to lean against his lamp in his berth. He kept one picture of Rachael in his pocket. It didn’t matter if White caught him with it, since she was already dead and safe. Alec liked to take the picture out and remember the fun times with the girl. He clung to the hope that picture represented. He sometimes identified facial features of his own and of Rachael and tried to combine them and imagine the child’s possible face.

Alec got antsy waiting for Logan, the pictures could only distract him so much. Max gave him three missions. Alec accepted the two complicated ones but passed on the death trap. He did end up being the one leading the charge to rescue the other transgenics from the death trap. They had several skirmishes with White and the cops. The National Guard was being flown in to assist. As a City, they were hoping to see some soldiers that they had served with on the other side of the fence. Chances were good if they served with the soldiers, they had saved their lives. They might end up with some allies on the other side.

Seattle was hoping to outlast them, but they had no concept of the training they had endured. One quiet night found Max and Alec watching the siege in the shadows topping the building.

“What’s the big secret with Logan,” she finally asked outright.

“Rachael related.” Literally, now that Alec considered it. It was a bad pun; Dix would find it funny if Alec ever told him.

“Oh.” Max seriously considered leaving the conversation on that note, Alec could see it. She didn’t speak for a while. Then her curiosity and boredom won over her sense of privacy rights. “What about her?”

“She… birthed my child while… in a coma.”

Max blanked. It was as unexpected for her as it was for him. “Whacked,” she murmured.

Alec snorted.

“So where is the kid?”

“I don’t know. Logan’s looking.”

“Logan will find ‘em,” she boasted confidently.

Alec merely nodded.

“So boy? Girl? Name?”

“Boy. No name.”

Now Max’s faith wavered a bit. “How is Logan going to find him?”

“He’s trying to track down the nurse and the surviving doctor. Both of them are out of the country. Berrisford didn’t give me any paperwork concerning the child at all.”

Seeing as the paperwork that the man had sent had been medical reports, it was a bit disconcerting. The baby might be dead and they would never know. They were lucky to know about the child at all and to know its sex was even a bonus. “So what are you going to name him?” Max asked to change the subject.

“It’s been over a year. I’m sure the kid has a name by now.”

“But it isn’t the name you gave him,” she argued. “You’re his family. Your name is important too. So what are you going to name him?”

Alec shrugged, trying to ignore the question, the sense of belonging, the mourning for something that was never his to begin with. “Simon,” he finally whispered. “I want the boy to be everything that Rachael thought I could be.”

The sun rose and the two transgenics returned to duty. Alec simmered in silence as he waited for Logan to find his son. He knew that Logan was working as fast and as many hours as possible, but he wasn’t having any luck finding a ‘Ruby’ of the correct age with a son. His best lead was still the doctor in Europe.

Alec considered trying to fly to Europe himself, but he had duties here. There was always the chance that White would know and send Cult members after him and then Alec would be endangering his son. Alec would rather take a bullet to the brain than to bring harm to Rachael’s son. He was not going to screw up his chance with Rachael again.

He could only wait and depend on a normal human to find his family.