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Not much has been posted on the lj because it's bigbang season.  Faithdaria is write four bigbangs and co-writing a fifth one. The fandoms are: Glee/X-men, Joan/Narnia, SPN, and a Batman Beyond genderswitch.  The co-written one is a spn/joan.

I co-writing the spn/joan and also writing a Criminal Minds shifter AU, a spn/dark angel and a spn/cm bigbang.  I'm also longingly looking at the H5-0 bigbang b/c I'm sure I could make the 5x wings fic back story that long.

Nearly everything is due May 1st and there's a pretty decent chance of rocking this bb season.

But... since we haven't posted anything in a while I offer up a Consolation Prize:

5 Hunger Games Crossovers/Fusions I will never Write

Verse: SG1
Crossover/Fusion: Crossover
‘Verse Timeline: 1969
Panem Timeline: Pre-book 1, 50th Hunger Games
Plot: When SG1 tried to return to their own timeline, they overshot by two centuries and Cassandra wasn't there to send them home. Now they have to navigate the Panem Capitol while trying to obtain the necessary data of the sun. They were ID'd as strangers almost immediately. They must keep the defunct SGC base secret and avoid Snow's traps. But President Snow has a new challenge for them: they have to train 2 of the Hunger Game tributes from District 12. If they don’t, he’ll kill Daniel. After Daniel becomes horribly sick due to deliberate food poisoning, Jack agrees.

Jack O'Neill will have to send two children to the slaughter in order to save his team.


“Haymich,” O’Neill said slowly.

Haymich lifted his head wearily. Between O’Neill and Murray, they had run him ragged and filled his head with deadly knowledge. They had switched back and forth between him and Masilee, trying to give them an equal chance to succeed. They never wasted one second of time.

“Should you win, the Capitol will break you.”

Haymich blinked. “How do I not break?” Surely O’Neill knew. If he had survived his home with all these dangerous skills than many people must have tried to break him.

“Everyone has a breaking point, Haymich. Everyone. It would take me years to teach you how to out-last the resources of the Capitol. And all my training would probably fail you.”

Haymich didn’t like hearing that.

“What can I do?”

“Find a team that you can trust and depend on when you get out.”

Haymich thought about his family and his girl. He could trust them.

O’Neill seemed to be thinking of them too. “An easy way to break you would be to destroy your family. Your team will either have to be people that the Capitol can’t touch or unidentifiable to them.”

“You are sure that I will break,” Haymich’s attitude of arrogance blustered out of him. “If I survive the Hunger Games, I can survive anything.”

“Every Hunger Games Champion I’ve met is broken. That can only happen on purpose. You are only useful to the Capitol broken and divided. That’s one of the reasons why the Hunger Games produces only one winner each year. Any alliance that survived the Games would be unbreakable and they know it. The Hunger Games divide the Districts. The Capitol will continue to be the Capitol with all its inherent powers as long as the Districts are divided.”

Haymich blanched at the idea that all those past winners were broken. That he was a small cog in the multilayered political system. “What can I do?” he asked again, more desperate than before.

“Realize that you can control when you break and like broken glass, can be more dangerous and deadly than anything whole.”


Verse: White Collar
Crossover/Fusion: Fusion
‘Verse Timeline: Kinda Season 1
Panem Timeline: Book 2, 75th Hunger Games
Plot: Neal Caffrey was an excellent thief who managed to navigate the circles of the Capitol pretending to be one of them. He was exposed and ran to District 13. He couldn’t play the same games in 13 without being caught by Peter Burke. Now Peter and Neal ordered to work together. They have to return to the Capitol and either steal or disable all of the Capitol’s Air Force. The pressure mounts as the 75th Hunger Games are announced because now, the odd duo (and Peter’s other subordinates) must fly a hovercraft to the Hunger Games arena and pull the Mockingjay and her allies out before they kill each other.


Peter watched as Neal painted his own face and hands with a few intricate ink designs. The ink would wash off with a specialty soap; Neal knew better than to have any permanent identifying features. Peter knew that it was part of Neal’s disguise, but he was amazed by how Neal turned another disgusting Capitol extravagance into art. Neal’s colors highlighted the blue of his eyes, but they didn’t distract from his smile.

El came bustling in. “Am I late?” she asked.

Peter frowned. “I didn’t know you were coming. Why are you here?”

“Neal told Coin that you needed me in the Capitol.”

Peter loathed the idea of leaving his wife behind for months at a time but he still turned on the conman. “Neal told Coin what?”

Neal faced him. “This is going to be a long con, Peter. You need something to throw off suspicion. Having a wife and one so good organizing celebrations can only help your cover. She’s wasted here where they only have one celebration every three years. El needs to come.” He smiled at Peter’s wife. “You have any preferences as to your tattoos?”

El smiled and sat in the chair indicated. “I trust your sense of style and fashion. Nothing too ornate, though.”

“Of course,” Neal murmured.

El settled and shifted until she was comfortable. She wouldn’t move again until Neal gave her permission. “Did you ever pretend to be a stylist?” she asked. “I’m sure they would have accepted you there.”

“The goal of every stylist of the Capitol is to clothe the Hunger Game tributes. I could never convincingly pretend to aspire to that.”

Peter sensed the story behind that comment. He wondered if he would ever hear the true version of events. But the emotion behind the words encouraged Peter. If Neal hated the Hunger Games that much, he must also hate the Capitol and maybe, just maybe, Peter could build a trusting, working relationship off of that hate.


Verse: Criminal Minds
Crossover/Fusion: Fusion
‘Verse Timeline: Season 3-ish
Panem Timeline: Book 1-2, 74th Hunger Games
Plot: Nothing upsets the balance of the Districts like a serial killer on the loose. So when people in the Districts kill each other, it is the task of the BAU to discover why and catch the criminal. Emily Prentiss is the new member, fresh from the Capitol and Aaron Hotchner is pretty sure she is a spy. Ever since Gideon reported that the Hunger Games whet the appetites of the District serial killers and advised delaying or canceling them, the BAU has been under close scrutiny. And then Gideon disappeared.

Hotch’s wife and child were ‘awarded’ a place to stay in the Capitol while he traveled from one end of Panem to the other. Now with the Districts rebelling, the BAU is tasked with identifying and capturing the rebel leaders. Hotch has to balance the safety of his family against the few rebel leaders on his team. District 2 native, Derrik Morgan has always been loyal to the Capitol but his friends are dividing that loyalty.


“How’s your mom?” Hotch asked Reid.

Spencer shrugged. He tried to look nonchalant and failed. “She’s having more bad days. Sometimes she doesn’t recognize me when I call home. The doctors say that her medicines are no longer effective.”

Hotch blanched. They both could read the threat to their families with the statement. Diana Reed had ‘better days’ after they caught rebels among the Districts and ‘worse days’ when investigations stalled. She was an easy target with her mental condition and being institutionalized. Thankfully, Haley and Jack didn’t realize how desperate situation was. One of them –probably Jack- would end up dead if the BAU didn’t capture a rebel stronghold soon.

Two days later, Spencer and Hotch were broadsided when a District 2 serial killer that the BAU had imprisoned escaped and it was Haley that ended up dead.

Even as Hotch comforted his grieving son, he didn’t regret not turning Penelope Garcia in for treason.

He would have also had to turn in himself and Spencer and their families would have been in even more danger than before.


Verse: Avengers
Crossover/Fusion: Crossover
‘Verse Timeline: Avengers movie
Panem Timeline: Post book 3
Plot: Loki thought it would amusing to send the Avengers far into the future. They land in Panem after the civil war but before Peeta finally gets Katniss to have kids. The Avengers arrive in Panem with huge ruckus and Haymich gets called to the Capitol to help deal with it. He drags Peeta and Katniss with him.

The only thing advanced enough to create what Tony Stark needs to send them home is the defunct and mostly destroyed Hunger Games arena. So Gale and Beetee make it work but they need someone to test it from the inside. It is decided that Katniss and Hawkeye should go in and oversee the Stark construction.

It should be an easy show-n-tell. It isn't.


Katniss stood on the balcony overlooking the former Hunger Games control center. As she had guessed, the room was white, airy, large and sterile. The tables were circular, all facing the digital arena representation in the middle. From this perspective, the natural leap from a normal Hunger Games arena to one based off of a clock face was perfectly obvious. Katniss wondered why it had never happened before the 75th Games.

She felt disconnected from those games. It didn’t seem as real in this sterile, quiet room. Then Mr. Stark yelled at the Capitol residents that had been pulled to assist him and, while no longer quiet, the room didn’t force her to remember the Games.

She had been waiting for the night terrors and for Peeta’s flashbacks. So far they hadn’t happened, but Peeta refused to come near this room. He preferred to sit and talk with Captain America. The two men had become fast friends. Katniss didn’t like the captain because he reminded her too much of Finnick Odair. That particular wound hadn’t really healed yet.

“Anywhere we can go for…”

Katniss was startled by the wry voice by her ear. Without even thinking about it, she had used her bow to swipe at the man’s throat. She nearly killed him with her swing but he was too fast, he dropped to the ground. Katniss started thinking again when she realized she had a cocked arrow pointed at the man laying flat on his back.

The man had a cocked arrow pointed at her too.


Verse: X-Men
Crossover/Fusion: Fusion
‘Verse Timeline: X-men First Class
Panem Timeline: Pre book one. 65th Hunger Games AU
Plot: Everyone knows that mutants exist. The Capitol celebrates the ones born there, but punishes the Districts for the mutants born in their Districts that are not reported. Depending on the age of the mutant discovered and their abilities, they are either whisked off to the Capitol to be treasured or they are chosen for the Hunger Games. Though the Capitol says that it is simply bad odds that ‘dangerous’ mutants are routinely picked for the Games, Charles Xavier has done the math. Even accounting for the extra tesserae required for being as a part of registering as a mutant, too many mutants end up dead in the Hunger Games to account for pure luck.

Charles Xavier fifteen years old, neglected son of the District mayor and wheelchair bound due to an accident with Erik Lensherr, an eighteen year old mutant with a personal grudge against President Shaw. Charles is also protecting every mutant ever born in District 3.

Shaw knows the statistics as well as Charles and knows that he’s missed some District 3 mutants. He’s going to force the District 3 mutants into the Hunger Games.


Charles wheeled his chair to the section with the rest of the fifteen year olds. He knew that his odds were ‘in his favor.’ He was a crippled. While some handicapped had been Reaped in the past, it was far more likely for a mutant’s name to be drawn.

Though, not in District 3.

Charles cast his mind wide and sent a comforting feeling to all of his charges. He felt them relax. It helped the children.

Erik snorted. He thought very loudly, “I want picked. Make them think that they picked me.

Charles grit his teeth and again wished that he hadn’t confined that particular ability to Erik. Charles could change what people thought they read. He had been practicing. Erik wanted to kill President Shaw and knew that the easiest route to the Capitol was by way of the Reaping Train. Charles didn’t want to do it. He didn’t want to send his best friend to his death.

I can win the Hunger Games,” Erik insisted.

Charles knew that the other boy had no problems killing. He was eighteen. This was his last chance to be Reaped. If Charles didn’t give in, Erik would do something truly reckless, like volunteer.

So, unlike other districts, when the boy’s name was drawn first, Erik Lensherr’s name was called.

Give me Raven,” Erik thought as he solemnly climbed the steps to the platform.

Charles shook with shock. Raven? His beautiful, precious, shapeshifting sister? Only one came out of the Hunger Games and…

I promise to return her.”

If Raven’s living body did actually return from the Hunger Games, Charles was sure –horribly sure- that her mind would be completely different. Raven would not be the same. The important part of Raven would not return.

Give me Raven.”

Charles sent a questing thought to his sister and discovered that Erik had shared his plan. She was ready and willing. She wanted this. Charles let his twelve year old sister’s name be called and hated himself.

He knew that he would have never been able to change their minds.

Not even when he told them that he hadn’t done anything.

Erik Lensherr and Raven Darkholme had been the two names legitimately pulled from the Reaping Bowls.

Shaw wanted them to come to the Capitol as much as the two wanted to be there.


By PaBurke
Search Criteria that became a prompt: I was hoping that someone knew any SPN/HG crossovers, only with one difference. I'd prefer a crossover where Dean, Sam or Cas actually get to meet Katniss (or Finnick, but preferably Katniss).

Katniss is so much like Dean, that I can only imagine her as Dean's descendant. My muse grabbed hold and said, “YES!”
Spoilers: All Three books of Hunger Games and I’m deviating from Supernatural at Season 3-ish before Castiel went stupid.
Disclaimers: None of the characters belong to me. This is an advertisement for Hunger Games: go, buy, read, now.

Katniss and Peeta had taken their two children to the Meadow again. It was their family’s favorite spot, green and lush and on the edge of the forest. The children didn’t know that they played on a graveyard of those long dead from the firebombing of District 12. They only knew that they were safe here. There were no Peacekeepers to chase them off and if Katniss felt so inclined, she would detour into the forest with her bow and shoot their dinner. No one disturbed them here. They were safe, Katniss made sure of that. She never went to the Meadow without her bow. Even though there were few human predators that would dare to attack two of the winners of the last two Hunger Games ever played (and hopefully the last Hunger Games ever to be played), wild animals still existed in the forest and Katniss would never be easy prey.

For all these reasons, Katniss reaction was instinctive when she saw her daughter (the elder of the two) push her brother behind her in a very protective gesture. She drew her bow and had an arrow pointed at the stranger’s heart. She had no idea how she could have been so distracted that she hadn’t noticed his approach.

The man did not react in any normal manner. Most would apologize or put their hands up in surrender. As the Mockingjay and The Girl On Fire, her aim with a bow was legendary and lethal. This man’s eyes crinkled slightly and Katniss feared that he was laughing at her.

Peeta had reacted just as quickly. He called the children to himself and kept all three of them out of Katniss’s way.

“Katniss Everdeen,” the stranger said solemnly. It was no surprise that he knew her name. He knew how to find them here, but most of District 12 did. He was no one that Katniss knew. By eyeing his clothes, Katniss couldn’t even guess as to his home District. He was as clean as the Capital residents used to be. His jacket was too long and too expensive to be from any of the Districts, but the color was drab beige. Anything scavenged from the Capital would be a riot of colors and furs. The clothes were well made and showed little wear. Katniss would have guessed that he was wearing his best clothes to introduce himself to the Mockingjay but his dark tie was loose and off-center.

Katniss glanced away from the stranger for a second to confirm the placement of her family. Her eyes were back on the motionless stranger before they absorbed the wide-eyed stares of her children.

“Who is he, Mommy?” her daughter asked.

And suddenly, Katniss’s perspective changed and she was the wide-eyed child asking her white-faced, bow-wielding father the very same question about the very same stranger who looked the very same as he had that day in the forest so long ago. Now she understood the true reason for her father’s shock decades ago. At the time, she had just assumed that any other person they met in the forest could tattle on them to the Peacekeepers.

Katniss found herself echoing her father’s words. “He’s a friend of my father’s. Castiel.”

The crinkle of Castiel’s eyes became more pronounced. “It is good to see you again, Katniss.”

“Why are you here?” Peeta asked and he managed to make his tone conversational instead of confrontational.

Castiel turned to face the children. Her children. “I always introduce myself to the line and lineage of Dean.”

Katniss vaguely remembered Castiel saying that to her decades ago, but she couldn’t remember any relative named ‘Dean.’ She vaguely wondered if Castiel aged and if he didn’t, than how many generations ago had Dean lived? She also remembered the rest of the conversation. “You promised to help me if I ever needed it. Where were you,” she accused him of dereliction of duty.

“I promised to come when summoned, Katniss. I was never summoned,” he told her kindly. The manner was reminiscent of Peeta’s way with her.

“You didn’t know I was in the Hunger Games?”

“I was fulfilling my duties elsewhere.”

Katniss fumed. She wanted to rail at this stranger, but she wouldn’t, not in front of her children.

“Katniss,” Castiel said. “You are of the lineage of Dean Winchester, both of blood and character. Your actions concerning the Hunger Games are reminiscent of the Righteous Man, himself. You love your sister to your own detriment. You master your environment and your weapons. You protect the weak with your intelligence and strength and you never truly surrender. You are alive today because of who you are. You bring honor to your family.” Castiel paused and looked sad.

“I had forgotten the fragileness of a child’s memories. This time, I hope to make more of an impression.” He turned to the children again and addressed them. “I am Castiel, a friend of your mother and her family before her. Should you ever be trapped in a dire circumstance, summon me and I will come.”

Her children stared up at Castiel in fear and awe. Peeta kept a reassuring hand on both of their shoulders. He was trying to figure out Castiel. “Would you like to join us for dinner?” he invited.

Katniss fought a smile. Peeta, always willing to make a friend.

“I cannot, Peeta Malark,” said Castiel. He stepped back and with the sound of a flock of birds taking flight, vanished before their eyes.

Katniss stopped breathing and even Peeta froze in fear. She had forgotten the brief meeting with her father’s ‘friend.’ She was pretty sure Castiel had disappeared in the exact same manner.

“Real or not real?” Peeta whispered.

Katniss and their children chorused, “Real.”

It was too fantastical to be anything else.



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Apr. 17th, 2012 07:14 pm (UTC)
Kay - so I'm sensing that if I want to keep up with the crossover fandom thing, I should probably become familiar with the Hunger Games. Being familiar already with most of the other included fandoms in the snippets above, I can at least attest that those fandoms - SG1, CM, X-M, SPN - all excellently represented. And Cass keeping track of Dean's lineage? Made my heart ache a little.

Loved them - eagerly looking forward to the BB release season, now that I know you guys are offering so much.

Good luck with the writing frenzies - may your muses help you kick some ass.
May. 29th, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
I don't think I'll write more HUnger Games, but it is a very good AU.

As for the BB's, all but the SPN one is done and turned in for Faithdaria and I just turned in my third one. I've got two weeks to make the H5o long enough. It might just happen.

Thanks for the encouragement.
May. 29th, 2012 12:23 am (UTC)
Oh, the plot bunnies! And I already have so many that want me to write them! I love both the ficlet and the ideas you said you're not gonna write. They're absolutely captivating.
May. 29th, 2012 09:56 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it all.
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