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Fic: A Good Lie

A Good Lie
by PaBurke
*** Summary *** Dresden lj prompt: Darkness. A bit of a Harry/Murphy ’ship.
*** Spoilers *** book eight of the Dresden books, White Night
*** Disclaimer *** I'm playing with someone else's toys. No Copyright infringement intended. No money made. Hopefully everyone will treat this like a plug for Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files. Very much worth reading, buying, or in our case-gifting.
*** Warning *** None, little language. 
*** Distribution *** The Nook
*** Word Count: 500

In the dark, in the absence of light, you depend more on your other senses. 

When I had been with Ebenezer, I had hated the dark. His farm was so far from all civilization that when it got dark outside, it got really dark inside. Waking up in my room could be frightening. I would hurry to light a candle to make sure that Justin had not returned; that He-Who-Walks-Behind had not caught up with me. I would hide in the darkness only when Ebenezer was cooking breakfast already. I would smell the bacon and hear him moving and know that I was relatively safe for the moment.

After a while, I had become so comfortable in my apartment that I could tolerate the dark. Mister’s warm body would be curled up next to me and all would be fine in the world. When I was with Susan, the dark was not tolerated because it was hiding the truth. I had to see her, to do more than touch her to know that she was real and with me. I needed the light to reassure myself.
With Murphy, I craved the dark, the lie.  The light of day would reveal that it really wasn’t her next to me to stay.  In the dark, I could pretend that she wouldn’t slip through my fingers like the morning mist.   I could depend on my other senses to whisper the promise of forever.  My ears were telling me that she was breathing hard, fast but intent.  My nose was telling me what kind of shampoo she used, how sweet her sweat smelled.  My touch was telling me that she was trying to keep still, her body poised, ready. My eyes couldn’t lie to me like my other senses.

It was a lie, but it was a good lie.

Beyond her, my ears were telling me that the vampires were close, furious that they couldn't see us.  My nose was telling me that the zombies were falling apart.  They were fresh from the grave but wouldn't last long.  My touch told me that the cement ground was cold, moist.

We waited, close to each other in the dark behind a barrier of my own making. Out-numbered and out-gunned, we had chosen to hide. If the vampires found us, they would not be able to cross the barrier to kill us, but neither would we be able to escape.  Finally all my senses told me that the danger had passed. There was silence… peace.  I waited a moment more, relishing the human contact.  Would she know what I was doing?  Or why?

She elbowed my gut.  "Soon?" she whispered.  Her senses worked almost as well in the dark.

I released the veil and pulled my duster away from her.  For the moment, we were safe.  The glow of the waning moon made our light-deprived eyes blink.  The darkness had been good, but it was over. The sun would always rise to chase away the dark.