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Hedgehog Hard Truths
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.
Reminder: This is season 4 AU of Supernatural and Sam has been an addict for 6-8 months.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish
Author’s Note: Merry Christmas, jennytork. Hope you don’t mind boat loads of angst for a gift.


The phone rang four hours after Bobby had slammed the door in Sam Winchester’s face. It had barely been enough time to get Dean to settle down. The boy had worked himself up so much that he had been sobbing. Bobby comforted him and put him down for a nap ‘cause the poor kid had exhausted himself. With Dean safely asleep, Bobby had summoned Castiel, looking for angelic assistance or answers, whichever the angel could supply.

Castiel was distressed with Sam’s arrival at the junk yard. He finally told Bobby that the younger Winchester was addicted to demon blood. With the demon blood, Samuel was adding powers to his psychic repertoire. Bobby couldn’t think up enough words to describe that sort of idiocy. Hopefully, Bobby had angered Sam enough that he would avoid the junk yard for another six months or maybe a year. The she-demon had Sam by the balls (literally, according to Castiel). Surely she would continue lying and keep Sam far away.

When the phone rang, Bobby assumed that the person on the other end was anyone other than Sam but he heard a familiar voice. “Bobby?” Sam sounded defiant and defeated all at once. “Ruby admitted that Hell doesn’t know where Dean is.”

“Really?” Bobby drawled. Ruby was a little to sharp for comfort and she had set eyes on Dean in his current form. At same time that Dean outted her demon nature to Bobby. Yeah, she was probably suspicious of Bobby’s ward since he was claiming to have knowledge of Dean’s current whereabouts.

“Bobby? Can I come out and learn about Dean?”

“What’ll happen to the she-demon?”

“I can leave her behind.”

“For good?”

“She’s useful as a resource.”

“’Cept that she goes out of her way to mislead you.”

“She said that the only way that Dean could have escaped from Hell was if something down there busted him out for their own use. A kind of demonic inside job. She said that all the things I’ve been learning would apply to getting Dean out of hell as well as getting Dean away from his demonic rescuer. Any demon that was strong enough to remove Dean from Hell would still torture him.”

“’Cept that she didn’t tell you six months ago. You could have been looking for Dean’s captor.” Bobby could admit that Ruby could spin a believable tale, or at least a tale that Sam would believe. The best Bobby could do was to poke a couple holes in it. “Until you realize that whatever the she-bitch has been teaching you has been for her purpose and not yours, don’t bother calling. And stay the hell off of my property.”

“Bobby, I can exorcise demons,” Sam blurted out desperately. He knew that Bobby had been about to hang up on him.

“So can any idjit that can recite Latin,” Bobby retorted.

“I can do it with my mind. I don’t need the words.”

“What makes you so special? Why don’t you need words when every other Hunter out there does?” Would Sam tell him the truth?

“It’s probably what the yellow-eyed demon did to me. Feeding me blood as a baby.”

A partial truth. If only Bobby could get him to face the total truth. “Let me get this straight: you’re exercising the remnants of a demon inside of you? You’re making it stronger? What the hell do you think that will lead to? What makes you think that working with anything demonic will lead to anything good?”

“I’m releasing people from being possessed from a demon. How is that bad?”

“If a demon’s leading you to do it, then there must be a bigger plan at work and that’s bad.”

“The bigger plan was getting Dean out of Hell. I needed power over demons for that. What’s wrong with that?” Sam’s voice shook with frustration.

“’Cept that Dean’s not in Hell and hasn’t been. That might have been your plan, but what was the demon’s plan?”

“Ruby said…”

Bobby interrupted him rudely. “Demons lie, boy.”

“She didn’t know that Dean was out.” Was Sam growling through clenched teeth? “She thought Dean was just in a different part of Hell.”

Bobby snorted. “Did she tell you what was the massive distraction so that Dean could be rescued?” he challenged.

“No,” Sam answered.

“Thought not.” Bobby slammed the phone down. He was too old to deal with idjits, especially Winchester idjits.


Bobby was jumpy. There was no real excuse. He knew that Castiel was about strengthening the wards. The angel was determined to protect his charge and with Sam and Ruby so near, danger to young Dean had never been closer. So when he heard the car coming up the driveway, he was out on the porch with his shotgun. He had done it without thinking. He didn’t know what had happened to the green peppers he had been chopping up for dinner.

Then he saw that it was the Impala, with Sam driving it no doubt.

That idiot!

Bobby didn’t know what the demon-bitch had told Sam this time. Hell, it might even be the truth. It didn’t matter. It would piss off Sam. He was driving like a bat out of hell… no pun intended. Whatever words that might spill out of his mouth would be sure to hurt Dean. There was no way that Dean would sleep through this argument; Samuel Winchester was too much like his daddy in this regard. He would yell.


He would never aim to kill Sam Winchester- not until he had confirmation of evil or killing and Sam knew that. Bobby probably wouldn’t be able to shut Sam up without killing him. And a gunshot would definitely wake the boy. Bobby didn’t know if he would be able to keep Dean inside if Sam started calling his name.

Sam jumped out of the car the minute he put it into park. “Bobby,” he growled.

Bobby aimed his gun at Sam Winchester and his hands were steady. He would shoot Sam to protect Dean. That decision was easy to make. “Samuel. Get off my property.”

“Why are you suddenly all possessive of your property,” Sam questioned. “Ruby said that there were so many wards on your place that she couldn’t get in if she wanted to.”

“Out! Demon and demon kin don’t belong here.”

The insult was enough to make Sam’s face turn hard with anger. “You don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“When you throw a rock into a bush, the bird that squawks is the one that got hit.”

“Dean’s here,” Sam realized. “Dean’s here. You’ve been hiding him. Dean! DEAN! Come out you jerk!”

“What did the she-bitch tell you? What distraction got Dean out?”

“There was a civil war in Hell. Two factions.”

Bobby huffed. He was amused in spite of himself. It was the truth in the loosest of terms. Ruby was excellent at misdirection. “Think about it, boy. Since the beginning of time, who have been the enemies of demons?”

Sam blinked. “Angels? Really?” He sounded more doubtful than the little boy who had pestered Pastor Jim with a seemingly infinite number of questions about the angelic host. He was jaded. His truth revolved around demons.

“Go ask your demon. You believe her more than you believe me. You trust her more than you trust me.” It hurt Bobby more to say the words than it did for Sam to hear them.

“She’s not keeping me from my brother.”

“She was distracting you for six months. Leading you on a wild goose chase. That’s keeping you from your brother.”

“She’s not now.”

“Once you confronted her with the truth, she switched up her tune. I just bet that she’s encouraging you to bring Dean to her. Hell wants to get their claws in him again. They have to for their plan. And their plan involves you too, boy.”

“I don’t need to listen to this,” Sam always had a habit of ignoring something if he didn’t like it. “Dean! DEAN! WHERE ARE YOU?” Sam charged Bobby as if to knock him down and storm the house. Bobby was considering a debilitating wound when Sam ran into an invisible wall.

Cas evidently upgraded Bobby’s wards to include humans in the last four hours. Bobby didn’t think that was possible. The only other conclusion would be that Sam was more demon than human at this moment and that scared the shit out of Bobby.

“Dean! DEAN! COME OUT HERE!” Sam was frantically banging on the invisible wall. “Why isn’t he coming? He must be hurt. You must have hurt him.” Sammy glared at Bobby. “I’m going to kill you.” He honestly said that. Sam meant it.

Bobby turned and ran into the house. He nearly stumbled over Dean. He was huddled by the side of the door. He was finding comfort in Castiel. The angel was seated next to him on the ground, arms around the boy. Bobby had never seen anything so awkward.

The hunter closed the door, making sure that Sam never set eyes on Dean. Bobby crouched down to Dean’s level. “You gonna stay inside?”

Dean nodded. “Why is Sam being scary?”

“Sam’s mad at me.” Bobby was surprised that Dean hadn’t made a move toward the door. He could clearly hear Sam yelling for him. “Why are you staying inside?”

“It’s part of our deal: Cas and mine. He tells me everything that Sam is up to and I stay away from him until Sam is safe.”

Bobby raised an eyebrow. “He tells you everything?” Bobby hoped like hell that the angel had a modicum of common sense.

Dean looked at him with all the seriousness of an adult. He had been exhibiting more and more flashes of an adult nature in the last week. “He’s having sex with Ruby and is drinking her blood.”

Heavens. You don’t tell a kid that about their little –big- brother.

“Cas keeps his side of the deal, so I gotta keep mine.”

On the other hand, Bobby didn’t need to lock Dean up to know where he was. He was thinking of sending Dean down to the panic room until Sam left, anyways. Dean wouldn’t be tempted to do something stupid if he couldn’t hear Sam.

“Maybe I can talk to him?”

Too late. Dean got that idea into his head.

“No.” Castiel said.

“But if the demons need Sam, if we keep him, they can’t.”

“Makes sense,” Bobby chimed in, “But I just burned a bridge with the boy. And we all agree that Dean shouldn’t go out there.”

“Cas will do it,” Dean said. “I won’t go outside but I can stand in the doorway when Cas calls me. I can be Cas’s proof.”

“I will not,” Castiel said. “He is addicted to demon blood. The addiction controls him.”

“An addiction,” Bobby knew about those. How many addictions had destroyed families? Had they caught Sam’s in time? “So what will Sam do for his next hit?”

“He wouldn’t betray me,” Dean said, but his posture wasn’t as confident as his words.

“He would,” Castiel declared. “Addicts betray their family continually. He drank the demon’s blood before driving here. The wards would not restrain him otherwise.”

“So he needs to quit,” Dean whispered.

“Cold turkey?” Bobby asked the angel.

“I am unfamiliar with the presence of fowl in connection to addiction.”

“It means stopping totally,” Dean told him.

“He is an addict of demon blood,” Castiel stated. “He will never give it up.”

“We gotta offer him the chance,” said Dean. “We could lock him up for as long as he needs and care for him.”

Bobby considered it. He had always known that taking in Dean meant dealing with the rest of his family. “Lock him up in the panic room until he doesn’t crave it?”

Castiel saw no need for compromise. “Samuel is more than physically addicted to demon blood, he had become addicted to the power it gives him as well.”

“We gotta offer him the chance,” Dean repeated.

“He has made his choice.”

Dean pleaded. “But isn’t your Father all about second chances for humans?”

Castiel looked stumped.

“We aren’t doing anything wrong by offering a choice,” Bobby pressed Dean’s advantage. “In fact, wouldn’t your Father disapprove if we didn’t?”

“If I do this,” Castiel cautioned, “Dean will not go to the basement until I assert that it is safe. Samuel would be locked there for the entire detoxification process. It may take months.”

Dean set his jaw. “Better him downstairs than out there with the demon. I can’t see him in either case. But he’d be better off here.”

“You promise?”

Dean nodded. “I promise.”

Castiel stood and exited the door. Bobby and Dean left the door open so that they could eavesdrop on the conversation.

Sam stopped yelling for Dean the second Cas stood on the porch. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m the one that increased the strength of the ward to include those who voluntarily ingested demon blood. I did so for the protection of Dean Winchester.”

“Ouch,” Dean whispered from behind the door.

Cas continued. “I am also a party unemotionally involved in this altercation. You are upsetting Dean, so leave.”

“Not without Dean.”

“You are a danger to Dean.”

“I would never…”

“You voluntarily ingest demon blood,” Cas cut him off. “You are an addict. You will do anything for another drop. If you wish to be near Dean, these are the conditions.”

“I want to see Dean,” Sam demanded.

“Dean,” Cas called.

Dean stood, took a deep breath and opened the door. He stood in the doorframe and no further. Booby stood behind him and rested his hands on the boy’s shoulders.

“That’s not…” Sam denied the truth but trailed off. “Dean?” he called.

“Hey, Sammy,” Dean answered.

“Come here,” Sam said, it wasn’t quite an order and it wasn’t a request either. Bobby thought it sounded like a conversation John would have had with his sons. Bobby’s hands tightened in remembrance.

“There are conditions to your proximity to Dean being closer than this,” Cas said. “You must completely detoxify from the demon blood. Abstain from it for a minimum of three months, for a re-evaluation. The supernatural panic room of the Singer household would hold you for the duration.”

“Lock me up? I’m fine. There is nothing wrong with me. Dean is my brother,” Sam argued. “I’m family. Dean belongs with me.”

“You are an addict. You are an unfit guardian.”

“Dean!” Sam yelled. “Come here.”

The boy jerked a bit but made no move to step forward. “No Bitch,” Dean yelled back. “You come here.”

Sam took a step forward and ran into the ward again.

“You are a danger to Dean,” Cas said. “You have a choice. You detoxify or you never see Dean again.”

Sam pointed a finger at the angel. “You can’t keep me from my brother.”

Cas blinked, clearly not understanding. “But that is exactly what I have done and will continue to do as long as you represent a danger to Dean.”

“Dean!” Sammy clearly appealed to the object of their argument. “Why don’t you want to come with me?”

Dean copped an attitude. It was a poor performance of a defense mechanism. “No way, dude! Sex with the demon-skank and you drink her blood so much that you can’t even consider stopping for three months. That blood is more important to you than me.” Dean huffed in a way that reminded Bobby of Charli and then he stepped back, forcing Bobby to step back. Dean slammed the door on his brother and pressed his hands against his ears to muffle Sam’s cries. The mask crumbled to reveal the vulnerable child.

Bobby picked him up and carried him downstairs, snagging the precious hedgehog on the way. There was only one room in the house that was sound proof and Sam’s screams were upsetting the boy. In the supernatural safe room that they had offered Sam Dean cried himself to sleep. Bobby held him for hours.


Hedgehog Forage
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.
Reminder: This is season 4 AU of Supernatural and Sam has been an addict for 6-8 months.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish


Bobby didn’t know how long Sam had pounded on the wards. He had spent the night in the panic room with Dean. Bobby didn’t even know if Castiel had tried to talk to Sam further. The next morning, neither Cas nor Sam were anywhere to be seen.

Dean moped.

There was no other term for it.

Dean was depressed at the confrontation the day before. So Bobby tried to keep him hopping. He pushed during the school lessons, and he had Dean running all over the place as they tinkered on a couple of old cars. Bobby even took a couple days and did a dreaded inventory on the parts left in the junkers in his yard. Bobby normally had a pretty good memory for those kinds of things, but it was good to have written documentation. It was also a good excuse for Dean to run around.

Bobby heaved a sigh of relief when it came time for Dean’s martial arts class. Charli and Joel would cheer up Dean. Also, it was a couple hours that Bobby didn’t have to find busywork for Dean to do. During the ride into town, Dean kept his eyes glued to the surroundings. Bobby couldn’t blame him; the older Hunter was also searching for a glimpse of the Impala or of Sam. Ruby could change meatsuits, so she could be anybody. They didn’t see anything suspicious, but that didn’t mean anything. Sioux Falls was definitely big enough to avoid a person if one was so inclined. Bobby had a feeling that Sam was just out of sight.

Sam was a Winchester through and through and he would not give up, not when Bobby was keeping his brother from him. If Sam was not willing to forego demon’s blood, Bobby was worried about what he might attempt with the excuse of brotherly love.

Dean’s class happened like it always did. Bobby stood watch at the door. He was so tense, it was a relief when class finished.

“Can we go for ice cream?” Charli asked Bobby as they pulled on their coats. Since Joel’s mother was working and Charli’s older sister, Jakilyn, had gone for a walk and their Uncle Maged also worked during the day, Bobby was the adult in charge.

“Ehh,” Bobby hedged for a moment, but Dean was looking as hopeful as his friends. Bobby hadn’t seen Dean this cheerful since before Sam’s visit. The ice cream parlor was right across the street and Bobby had treated the three kids to ice cream a dozen or more times before. Bobby hadn’t seen any sign of Sam; maybe he had stomped off to pout. They should be safe. Bobby reached into his pocket for his wallet and the kids cheered. “No detours,” he cautioned the kids. “Just go get your ice cream and bring it back. You guys eat it here.”

All three heads nodded eagerly.

Bobby handed Joel the money and watched all three run out of the dojo. They paused at the street to check for cars and then dashed into the ice cream parlor. Bobby had to settle accounts with Dean’s teacher, Sensei Okada. They had only been chatting for five minutes when Joel returned alone.

There was evidence of ice cream on his face and hands, but none to be seen. His eyes were glassy with tears that he refused to let fall.

The rock in Bobby’s gut grew. Dean.

“There was this really big, scary guy…” Joel said.

The father in Bobby wanted to run out the door that instant, but the Hunter in Bobby knew better. Running around like a chicken with its head cut off would not help Dean.

“Where is Dean now?” he asked.

“He and Charli ran out the back door of the ice cream place.”

There wasn’t a lot of cover behind the strip mall. Sam would chase them and find them for sure. Bobby made a dash for the door now and Sensei Okada was right on his heels. He was holding Joel’s hand. There was no reason to lose the child they did have while searching for the two they didn’t have.

Bobby prayed that they weren’t too late.


Hedgehog Predators
By PaBurke
Summary/Challenge: Dean went to Hell and was hauled out of Perdition only to be turned into a 4/5-year-old version of himself.
Reminder: Sam. Is. An. Addict.
Disclaimer: So not mine
Rating: teen-ish


Sam Winchester burned with anger. He didn’t fight it because his anger made him powerful. How dare Bobby judge him? How dare Bobby withhold Dean from his real family? How dare Bobby dismiss all of Sam’s work? Sam had been working non-stop to get his brother and Bobby had been hoarding Dean because Bobby had judged Sam as unfit. Bobby didn’t understand the good that Sam was accomplishing. Ruby had been more forthright than Bobby had been and she never judged Sam’s actions. Ruby followed Sam’s lead. Bobby acted like Sam opinion, and vouching for Ruby and all of his hard work, none of it mattered. He still treated Sam like a stupid kid. Bobby had judged Sam’s actions months ago and had decided that Sam lifestyle and companions were too dangerous for Dean, without giving Sam a chance to state his case. Hell, Bobby didn’t let Sam know that he was being judged, he had just ushered Dean out of Sam’s motel room and never returned. He hadn’t checked in again. He hadn’t given Sam a second chance to be close to Dean. If Sam hadn’t stopped by and connected Bobby’s over protectiveness of his property with Dean, Bobby would have let Sam fruitlessly try to figure a way into hell forever.

This was about Dean, Sam’s own brother. Sam deserved to know everything about Dean. Everything! Now, Bobby wouldn’t even let Dean talk to Sam. It should be Dean’s choice. Bobby was just a controlling bastard like John Winchester had been.

“So,” Ruby finally broke Sam’s fuming silence. “How are we going to get Dean?”

Sam might have been furious, but he was still plotting. “If Bobby is Dean’s legal guardian, there’re conditions. He’ll have to bring Dean out of the junkyard eventually for socialization. I wonder if Dean has any friends?” Sam doubted it. At least, none of the friends would be hard to leave behind. At Ruby’s look, Sam explained, “Dean was always pretty much a loner. All he had was me.” And now Bobby and that Cas-witch liar were keeping Dean from his best friend with the dubious excuse that Sam was a threat to Dean.

“So we should scope out the community and find out what the townies know about Dean,” Ruby suggested.

Sam nodded. “I’ll check out the library. Bobby uses it for research and he would consider it a safe place for Dean.”

“I’ll check the school,” offered the woman.

“Call if you learn anything,” Sam ordered.

She nodded and raised a bandaged wrist. “You want a little for the road?”

Yes. Sam wanted some blood. It tasted better than anything else on earth. He was smarter, stronger with it in his system, but… “Better not. The Cas-creature said that the wards were designed to keep anyone with demon blood at bay. I might need to get into Bobby’s house at some point. I better back off for now.”

Ruby shrugged. “Your call.”

Yes, it was. Sam was in control of this blood thing. He wasn’t addicted. There was no reason to quit. Bobby was just throwing everything out of proportion based on the word of the Cas-creature. He didn’t get what was truly going on.


With a few lies and a couple practiced smiles, Sam learned all about Bobby and Dean’s schedule. The two of them would come to the library whenever Bobby needed some extra research and he would often pick up one or two groceries after, whatever they were short on at home. The librarian chalked it up to a bachelor not used to a child’s appetite. Sam knew better: Bobby was more than ready for a siege if it came to it, but if Dean was bored with the food at home, Bobby would indulge him. Who knew what garbage Bobby was letting Dean eat. Sam was looking forward to indulging his brother, but not too much. Dean would be healthy and not hungry with him.

Right now, Sam was hungry. He was looking forward to a bit of Ruby’s blood. He deserved a little pick-me-up and he had a solid plan for getting his brother that didn’t involve Bobby’s warded house. There was nothing in that house that Dean couldn’t live without. Now that the plan was made, Sam didn’t want to wait any longer for some blood. He called Ruby to have her come back to the rented room.

“I’ve got bump-kis on their schedule might I might have something for getting legal custody away from Singer,” she said as she answered her phone.


“So Singer is homeschooling him. When he went to the school to get the principal to sign off on it, she and a couple other teachers did an informal test to see how much education Dean already had. They were trying to find the limit to his education. It seems that he’s had a lot of instruction for his age group. A lot. The teacher decided that Dean needed to be challenged or he would regress. She only knew of Bobby from his weekly trips for liquid nourishment and from his holds at the library. She added everything together and figured that a good way to keep Bobby sober and Dean challenged was to have Bobby teach Dean Japanese.”

Sam was first almost impressed that Bobby knew Japanese and then he was proud of his brother for wow-ing the teachers. Either way, “It won’t take much to renew the rumor that Bobby’s an alcoholic. He’d lose custody over that. And I’ve got DNA on my side.” They probably wouldn’t go the legal route because it took too much time, but Sam wanted to make sure that Dean could never return –could never be returned to Bobby. Bobby had burned that bridge. Sam was just making sure that Dean was on his side of the chasm before cutting all ties.


“Come back to the room,” Sam told her. “I’m hungry.”

“Oh?” Ruby sounded flirty, but she never denied him. “I thought you were getting into abstinence.”

“Nah,” Sam answered. “I got a lot more information than you did and I have a plan. I want to celebrate.”


The one true constant in Bobby’s schedule was Dean’s martial arts class. It wasn’t hard to stake out the dojo. There were enough shops on the opposite side of the street with windows facing the right direction. Sam and Ruby had been walking all morning, since the Impala was so recognizable. Bobby and Dean were five minutes early. Bobby was hyper vigilant, looking for Sam. Dean was looking for Sam too and Sam deeply wanted to reveal himself, but now was not the time. Sam stayed put and waited for the most opportune time. After class was done, Dean and two kids ran out of the dojo, crossed the street and entered into the ice cream parlor.


Dean must have known that Sam was nearby and had dropped Bobby’s surveillance. Now all Sam had to do was waltz into the parlor when Bobby’s head was turned and invite Dean to a walk in the park. The Impala was there. Dean would climb into the car and the three of them would drive off into the sunset, leaving Bobby and his sanctimonious shit behind.


Bobby turned his back on the street. Sam strode onto the sidewalk and entered into the ice cream parlor. Dean had a chocolate ice cream cone and each of his friends had a cone too.

“Dean,” Sam smiled at the boy and was surprised when Dean stepped back, face white. It made Sam furious. “Don’t be afraid,” Sam told Dean.

“Not afraid,” Dean muttered. “You left.”

“I wouldn’t leave without you,” Sam told him.

“Are you going to take Bobby’s deal?” Dean asked hopefully. “Get cleaned up?”

“Sure, sure,” Sam said. “Let’s go to the park to discuss it.”

Dean took a step forward and then saw Ruby. He recognized her, which Sam hadn’t counted on. His eyes shuttered. “You haven’t dumped your dealer. You’re not ready to kick the habit.”

“There is no habit,” Sam protested.

One Dean’s friends, the boy stepped in front of Dean. “Bobby has a restraining order against you,” the boy lied. “You’re not allowed near Dean.” He spoke very clearly and every adult in the place was suddenly paying attention to Sam and Dean’s private conversation.

Sam could have cursed him. “It’s not like that,” he tried to reason with the kid. The African girl was pulling Dean out the back door and Dean was going along with her. Sam wasn’t too worried. He had scouted the entire block and there was no where to hide that way and it was in the opposite direction as Bobby.

“You’re not allowed near Dean,” the boy repeated. Several of the mothers in the parlor were reaching for their phones and a grey-haired lady that reminded Sam of Ellen was standing and approaching the boy. Sam would have to push by the brat to get to Dean.

“Look. Kid. Bobby told Dean lies about me. Dean is my brother. He should be with me.”

The boy would not be moved. “That’s what my dad says too. You’re both wrong.”

“Whatever.” Sam brushed past the boy and ran for the back door. The back end of the parlor connected to several shops on each side. All of the back doors were locked. It was about equidistant to get to a street to go around the shops. Dean and the girl would have had to run pretty far to go all the way around the strip mall to get back to the dojo. Sam hadn’t given them that much time. The entire back side of the mall faced acres and acres of empty fields. Someone had cleared it years ago, but no further development had been made. It was just tall grass and scrub brush. Sam looked around and couldn’t see his brother, the pint-sized version. Dean should be right here waiting. How did he disappear? Was the little girlfriend supernatural and needing to be killed?

“Son of a bitch,” he muttered. Then he realized that he had ice cream on his jeans, presumably when he walked by the kid. The kid must have thrown his ice cream at Sam. “Son of a bitch,” he repeated. Dean would be much better off once he left his two little friends behind. The boy was a liar and Dean didn’t need that kind of influence.

“You made a whole ice cream shop full of enemies,” Ruby said as she sauntered up to his side.

“I’ll make a whole town full of enemies if it’ll get me my brother,” promised Sam.

“You know,” Ruby mused. “It’d be next to nothing to put an accommodating demon in one of the brats. That way, Dean’s friend would be helping you instead of hindering. It’d only need to be in there for a couple of hours. Twelve tops.”

Sam considered it as he glared at the ice cream on his pants. “No,” he finally said. “No demons in kids, not even for a couple hours.” Not even if the little brats deserved some retribution. “We’ll find another way.”

Ruby pouted a bit. “Fine. But we should get out of here before Singer shows up. The boy ran back to the dojo. Singer probably could get you arrested, especially with all the busybodies inside hearing the story the brat told.”

She was right. Getting arrested would put a crimp in Sam’s plans.

Sam glanced over the grass lot again. Where had Dean disappeared to? He waved at Ruby, “You go that way and meet back at the car.” Ruby nodded. The two of them jogged in opposite directions down the back alley and then headed towards the park. Both were trying to find signs of Dean, but neither saw anything. There would be another opportunity to grab Dean. Dean now knew that Sam wasn’t going to give up. That would combat some of Bobby’s lies.

Maybe Dean would find him.

Sam had that to look forward to. Dean would mess up Bobby’s controlling plans. Sam slid into the driver’s seat of the Impala and waited for Ruby to climb in.

“Blood?” she asked.

“Yes,” Sam breathed. He needed a distraction right now and he needed a new plan. Blood would help with both.




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Dec. 29th, 2011 05:53 pm (UTC)
That is amazing! Sam's addiction is really vivid here and very realistic. It's a wrenching story and I can't wait to see how it ends!
Dec. 29th, 2011 07:10 pm (UTC)
Score! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Your prompt kicked my butt into gear in this universe.
Dec. 29th, 2011 07:34 pm (UTC)
I love this universe. Thank you so much for continuing it. I hope there are more stories to come.
Dec. 29th, 2011 07:49 pm (UTC)
Thank you! I don't know exactly where the 'verse is going, but it's not staying still. That is certain.
Dec. 29th, 2011 09:08 pm (UTC)
I continue to love this universe. Seeing Sam so addicted is terrifying, especially given his mindset of having everything still under control. Glad Bobby and Cas are there for Dean.

Can't wait to see what happens next in this 'verse!
Dec. 29th, 2011 09:12 pm (UTC)
Thank you so much for the review! Addicted!Sam is pretty scary, but I kinda had to write that chapter from his point of view.
Jan. 6th, 2012 04:32 am (UTC)
So glad to see this verse continued! Wow Sam's addiction is totally twisting his thinking and morals. I love Dean's friends, so quick thinking but it saddens me at how mature and cynical they have to be.
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Thank you for the insightful review.
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added u as a friend! can't wait for more of this verse!
Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:43 pm (UTC)
thx! Now that bibang season is slowing down, I'll be returning to my WIP's, this one tops the list.
Aug. 31st, 2012 06:27 am (UTC)
I adore this series and I keep checking back for more. Please? Pretty please!

The idea of a child Dean making friends but with children dealing with the worst situations the world has to offer is natural seeming. He would be drawn to such I think. - Especially given Dean's first childhood with a self-absorbed absent father and now this childhood complete with hell, Demons , and Sam's addiction. It's wonderfully heart-wrenching.
Sep. 2nd, 2012 06:46 pm (UTC)
Re: More!
I've been busy with bigbangs, but that is almost over, so I'm revisiting this series soon.

I'm so glad that someone understood that Dean would be drawn to the troubled. He is as an adult (ie Lucas), I think it would be even more obvious as a child. I didn't like how dark this series was becoming so I took a pause. We'll see what happens now.
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