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To: lerah99, From: paburke

In a Loving Home, There is Always Room for One More
Cross: Home ‘Verse, Joan of Arcadia/SPN/Dresden Files (ignoring Changes & Ghost Story)
Billy age 7 Christmas prompt for lerah99
Molly Carpenter had been in the middle of a complicated bit of spellwork when she heard the knock.  She seriously considered ignoring the summons, but then only a few people could see her door to knock on it.  It was invisible to the general population.  The veil on her residence had been one of the first things Molly and her mentor, Harry Dresden, had added to her apartment and they were both proud of their handiwork.
She heard the polite knock again.  It could be family.  She would never turn family away.
Molly warily peeked through the spy hole and grinned as she recognized her visitors.  She knew the mental blocks of the boy anywhere and he would only be with safe people.  She swung the door wide open.  “I thought you were coming later this summer?” she said instead of a greeting.
Joan grinned and rolled her eyes a bit, even as she gathered Molly into a hug.  “Miss you too, Mols,” she said.
Molly hugged Billy next and offered a friendly hug to Sam as well.  “Where’s Dean?”  The handsome bachelor was always high on her ‘hug’ list.  He was a great kisser too.
“He’s home with the kids,” Sam answered.
Molly was a bit confused.  “Why didn’t you all come?”
Joan blushed just the slightest bit, which amused both Molly and Sam to no end, but she was the one that answered.  “He thinks that everything is too controlled and that we need another kid, so he figured that if he sent us away for a week and with you training Billy on his mental blocks, Sam and I would be free to…”
“Get busy?” Molly teased.  She was the oldest of seven, she knew how it worked.  She had babysat for enough of her parents’ dates.
“Pretty much.  You know that the summers are always busy at our house.  Dean and Sam are often gone on hunts.  And we have the other Hunters stopping by, needing help.  Billy’s teacher didn’t have a problem with a bit of an absence now, so we took advantage of a brief respite.”
Molly grinned down at the boy in question.  “Top of your class, I heard.”
Billy grinned back at her.  “Yep.  You can go now,” he told his parents.  “I want a brother.”
Molly ruffled the boy’s hair.  “You are a quick learner.”  This was going to be fun.

*home verse*


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Feb. 23rd, 2013 11:35 pm (UTC)
How many kids did they have by this time?
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