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To: lerah99, From: paburke

 Living in the Moment
For Lerah99
Prompt 2: Sherlock/NCIS: "You're not haunted by the war, you miss it."
Pairings: Ziva/John Watson
Word Count: 300
Ziva knew full well why Gibbs had handed the Brits to her.  Sherlock Holmes had deduced almost instantly that she could kill him –and would- if he got in her way.  Gibbs and Abby even said that they would help hide the body.  Abby first wanted to dissect Holmes’ brain.  And then take pictures to hang on her walls.
Holmes had responded that his brother might kick up a fuss.
Ziva had airily told him that Mycroft owed her a favor.  She wouldn’t kill Holmes the Younger, of course.  Mycroft would be a total pain in the back.  Homes shut up for a full five minutes, trying to figure out how far he could push her and the rest of the team.  It wasn’t far.
Gibbs had his number though.  If Holmes pissed him off, Gibbs promised to strip him of anything that could pick a lock, handcuff him in the interrogation room and leave him in boredom.  Tony had perked up at the threat.  He was hoping to be the one to execute the punishment.  Holmes backed down. 
Boredom was more of a threat than death.
Dr. John Watson was Holmes’ opposite in nearly every way.  Where Sherlock Holmes agitated, John Watson calmed.  Ziva liked that.  She liked how he acted under pressure and she really liked his sharpshooting skills.  If she couldn’t have her NCIS team as her back-up, she’d be willing to have Watson on her side.
It was Holmes that told her that they were two-of-kind.  They both yearned for the adrenaline of a war, of having an obvious enemy.
Ziva liked that.  She took John to her bed.  He could appreciate living in the moment, because the next one was never guaranteed.
She kissed John Watson good-bye without a regret.  He had no regrets either.



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Dec. 18th, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
:::Jumps up and down clapping hands:::: Thank you so much! This made my week!

Of course Mycroft owes Ziva a favor. I shutter to think what that favor involved.

Love her and John hooking up, soldier to soldier with no regrets. Spending those nights together to thrive in being alive.

Oh and threatening Sherlock with boredom is totally the way to go.
Love! Love! Love!
Dec. 19th, 2011 12:17 am (UTC)
Yea! Glad you liked it. I figured that I was taking a chance pairing them up since people expect total gen from me, but it made so much sense in my head.

Merry Christmas.
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