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FIC: Wicked in a Good Way


Wicked in a Good Way

By: PaBurke

Disclaimer:  No infringement intended.  I’m just playing, no profit involved.  If you recognize the characters, they’re not mine.

Distribution: The Nook, tthdrabbles

Spoilers:  Post Chosen for BtVS, after the entire play ‘Wicked’

Word Count: 100

Prompt: #053 - Green



Elphaba didn’t want a ‘double date’ with the couple her lover had met.  Seriously, a <I>good</I> vampire and a Slayer named Buffy?  Eating with the Wicked Witch of the West and lover?


They’d have nothing in common.


She and Fiyero should socialize, but she wasn’t ready.  Would she ever?  Glinda had been Elphaba’s only friend but the Good Witch couldn’t know that she lived.


Elphaba was a little greener than normal as she waited.


Buffy was <I>blonde</I>.  “Are you wicked?”


“I’ve always tried to do good.”


“’Kay.  What do you know about talking animals?”


Elphaba forgot about green and blonde.