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When Time Travel Doesn't Work Quite Right Epilogue
Summary: Arthur and Merlin visit Atlantis.  Sequel to When Time Travel Doesn’t Work Quite Right
For yllyana, Merry Christmas
Word Count: 600
*merlin*sga* merlin*sga*
It had been an accident.
Merlin insisted it was.
Arthur wasn’t sure he believed it.
Ever since the Atlantians had left Camelot, weird –sorcerer weird- things had been happening, but none of them had been hazardous, just annoying and disquieting.  Like fresh cherries in the early spring and the shield walls doubling in thickness.  Arthur wasn’t an idiot; of course, it had something to do with Merlin.  Cherries were Merlin’s favorite fruit.
Also, he might have overheard Gaius ordering Merlin to stop experimenting.  Experimentation, that was what Rodney, manservant from Atlantis, claimed increased knowledge.  If ever a man needed help gaining knowledge, it was Merlin.  Arthur pretended that he didn’t know that Merlin was a sorcerer, since the manservant would rather die than bring harm to his prince.  Arthur was sure that some day the extra thick shield walls would come in handy too.
Still, Arthur bet that Rodney’s experimentations had never landed Sir John of Atlantis in the middle of a strange place where men aimed odd weapons at him with no clue as to how he arrived.  Arthur had surrendered his sword and a knife regretfully.  He intended to demand their return as soon as the commander arrived.  He was greatly out-numbered and the care and respect with which the unfamiliar knights handled their weapons warned Arthur that they were deadly.  The knights had called for their commander and Arthur and Merlin were stuck waiting for him.  Impatiently.
“You will be mucking out stalls for months,” Arthur murmured.
“Yeah, yeah,” Merlin frantically looked for an escape route.  “I’ll get us home.  I wasn’t supposed to go far.  Just to find Sir John.  I just wanted to talk to him.  If you hadn’t barged into my bedroom without knocking…”
“It’s my castle,” Arthur argued.  “I can go anywhere.”
Merlin snorted.  “And of course, you haven’t learned your lesson.”
“You haven’t learned yours either.”
“Merlin?” The two men turned and faced… Sir John in very unfamiliar clothes.  His clothes matched the other knights.  “Prince Arthur?” John asked.  “What are you two doing here?”
Merlin relaxed and waved at their friend.  “Hello Sir John!  I wanted to visit.  And prove to Rodney that I <I>can</I> too experiment.”
 “Oh, hell.”  Sir John sighed, “Rodney created a monster.  Merlin, take you and your prince home now.”
“Now Merlin,” Arthur and Sir John chorused.
“There’re a bunch of things you could mess up if you stay,” Sir John added.
“Fine,” Merlin pouted.
“May I have my weapons returned,” Arthur asked.  He tried to not to make it an order, but from Merlin’s eye roll he had been less than successful.
“Villick,” Sir John ordered.  “Give them back.”
“Yes, Sir… John,” the man answered.  He handed over Arthur’s blades without delay.
“Merlin?” Sir John prompted.
Arthur turned to his manservant and was a bit taken back by Merlin’s gold eyes.  “We will be leaving shortly,” Merlin promised, his voice resonating subtly with power.  “You will tell Rodney that I’ve been experimenting?”
“I will.”  Sir John shrugged and grinned. “You never know, Rodney might visit you again some day.”
Merlin bounced, still his awkward manservant even with the magic winding around him like a pet cat.  “I look forward to that.”
“Just so long as you visit as well,” Arthur conditioned.  “To keep your manservant in line.”
“That could probably be arranged.”
And then Atlantis was gone and Merlin and Arthur were back in Camelot.  Arthur grabbed Merlin’s arm and dragged him to the stables.  “Muck,” he ordered.  “And no more experiments!”  Arthur decided to keep Merlin too busy and tired to play with magic.


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Dec. 3rd, 2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
Hah! I wonder how long John is going to be teased about being "Sir John" after this. And the more I think on it, the more awesome is the Rodney-Merlin combination one-upping each other.
Dec. 3rd, 2011 09:24 pm (UTC)
lol. yeah, the sir john bit had to be written.
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