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Fic: Summer 'Break' by WIll Schuester

Summer ‘Break’ by Will Schuester
By PaBurke
Summary: Will’s summer job was out of this world.
Warnings: Glee amounts of angst at SGA levels. OC deaths.
Spoilers: Glee Season 2, SGA Season 3-ish, SG1 Season 9-ish, imagine that the timelines match up.
Rating: teen-ish

*glee*sga* glee*sga*

August 17, 2011

Mr. Schuester practically dancing through the halls on the first day of school was nothing out of the ordinary for the returning students. The new students just got out of his way and took second glances. Yes, that was the Spanish teacher and yes he was skillfully dancing and dodging through the crowds.

The only surprise to the returning students was the cast of Mr. Schuester’s arm. He had his arm in a sling and it wasn’t slowing him down at all. “Morning Sue,” he greeted the vicious Cheerios coach was a smile.

Sylvester growled back. “Schuester. You look like you tried to walk and talk at the same time. Obviously, it was too much for your pea brain.”

Schuester continued smiling. “Actually that Civilian Reserves Program that you signed me up for… they gave me a summer job. It was great, but,” he lifted the casted arm, “a little rough on my body. I can’t thank you enough for opening that door for me.”

“Wait,” Sylvester said. “That happened already? They were supposed to need you during the school year. It would send your precious Glee Club into a tizzy, you leaving them to do your patriotic duty, working for the military.”

Schuester shrugged. “Nope. Already went and am now back. The timing was perfect. Ah there’s Shannon. Coach Beiste!” he called down the hall. “Be seeing you, Sue.” And he was gone.

News of Mr. Schuester’s entrance and the way he just blew off Ms. Sylvester spread through the school like wildfire. It didn’t take long to reach the worrying Glee Club members. Rachel was the first to track Mr. Schuester down. She practically tackled him.

“Mr. Schue! You’re alright, well, mostly alright, but you’re here and that’s the important thing. Coach Beiste said that you joined the Army and that if any of us needed anything that to call her and that was for the whole summer and then there was a strange car in your parking space in the teacher’s parking and…”

“Calm down, Rachel,” Schuester said.

Rachel calmed down, because Mr. Schue was calm and he was listening and most importantly, he was there. “Welcome back, Mr. Schuester.”

“Thank you, Rachel. That means a lot.”

“But where have you been?”

Mr. Schue smiled. “Out of the country. I had a summer job.”

“But where?”

“It was a very different place,” Mr. Schue looked starry-eyed for a moment, and then he grinned at his student. “With several very different dance styles. Wait until you see some of the moves I learned. Also, I got enough money to pay for a new –reliable- car. That’s my car in the parking lot in my space.” He glanced at the clock. “We’ll discuss this in Glee Club, I’m sure. You better scoot so that you’re not late for your next class.”

Rachel didn’t realize that Mr. Schuester never answered the question until getting ready for bed that night but by then she was more occupied with the Glee Club assignment: tell a story through dance alone.

*glee*sga* glee*sga*

May 31, 2011

“Mr. William Schuester?”

Will Schuester looked over his shoulder with a smile. He was taking down the posters in his classroom. He would welcome an interruption to his busywork. The last day of school had been last Friday and Will already missed his kids. The smile dropped off his face when he saw the dark blue military uniform. The man in it was older, completely grey, but instead of having a bearing of lifelong ‘at attention’ he was relaxed and comfortable. And still… there was something about his posture that reminded Will of a dancer ready to step onto the stage. He was prepared for something. Trouble, maybe? Excluding Sue, who wasn’t here because her office and classroom belonged her and no one else and she didn’t have to move her things every year like the rest of the plebeians, what kind of trouble could happen at McKinley High after all the students were released for the summer?

“Can I help you?” Will asked warily.

“I heard that you were looking for a summer job.”

True, but how on earth had a man with that many medals known that? He hadn’t even officially put out his resume, just asking around if any musicals needed staff. He would probably end up with a janitorial job, he wasn’t too proud for that and it was good money. “Yes.”

The man sat on the edge of Will’s empty desk without invitation. “How would you like to teach Marines how to dance?”

Will blinked. “Seriously?”

“Seriously,” he echoed, even as his eyes twinkled. “Saw what you did with the football team. Thriller. Good job by the way. Teaching my Marines would be a lot like that. We would compensate you for your time, of course. And pay all of your travel expenses.”

“Why come to me? There must be hundreds of dance teachers more qualified.”

“Oh, you were also in the Civilian Reserves Program. That’s were we actually found your name first. The youtube video was just icing on the cake.”

“The Civilian what?”

Will’s confusion must have been obvious. His visitor pulled a piece of paper out of his briefcase and handed it over. “The Civilian Reserves Program. This is you, right?”

Will read the paper. It was typed. The signature was not his, but he recognized it anyway: It was not the first time Sue Sylvester had signed for him. Will was wondering how to politely inform this man that he hadn’t signed up and that he wasn’t interested and…

“We’d pay you sixty thousand dollars up front and have you back by the first day of school.”

Sixty thousand? That was more than what he made in a year. He could pay off a lot of debts with that. Alimony would take a chunk, but he might even be able to trade in his car for something more reliable.

“Are you interested?”

Yes, he was very interested, but still, he was talking to someone from the military. He needed to ask more questions. “Why do Marines need to learn how to dance? And what kind of dance style are you interested in them learning?”

“That’s a long story that needs a TV with a DVD player to show you. And some privacy. Do you know where we could find some?”

“Yes,” Will said slowly. “Who are you?”

The man smirked. “I’m Jack O’Neill. With two ells.”

Will pointed to the man’s chest. “Are you really a general?”

“Brigadier General.” O’Neill poked at the nametag as if it were foreign. “I have no idea why my CO’s gave me the promotion either. So, TV?”

“This way,” as he led O’Neill to the New Directions’ classroom. “What is a general doing on a recruiting trip?”

O’Neill rolled his eyes. Seriously, a general rolled his eyes. “There was a certain someone on Capital Hill that I was going to kill if I stayed there much longer. This odd request came through and my assistant thought that it’ll amuse me if nothing else. Okay and it’s a bet with a friend.”

Will was trying to match up ‘general’ with ‘amusing request’ and it didn’t quite work. “Can I see your identification?”

O’Neill showed Will his Pentagon ID, his driver’s license, two different credit cards and even his Colorado and Minnesota fishing licenses.

“Good enough?”

“Yeah. The choir room has a TV and no one should be in there.”

“Actually, there’re just too many people at this school. What about your house?”

“My house?” The general had smoothly opened a door to the teachers’ parking lot and pushed Will through it.

“We checked your house. No bugs.”

Will blinked. O’Neill waved at the young woman in uniform, standing by a governmental SUV. “Rhodes can drive us there.”

Lieutenant Rhodes drove perfectly. The general had claimed shotgun and Will was sitting directly in the middle of the second row of seats. He kept an eye on the speedometer. Rhodes matched the speed limits exactly, somehow. She also avoided all traffic. She followed all of the local traffic ordinances like she was a robot. Will thought she was a little spooky. She also knew the fastest route from the school to Will’s house, without any input from the local. Between her driving and General O’Neill’s fishing questions (no, Will did not know the best place to cast a line), Will was completely unnerved.

Lieutenant Rhodes pulled into Will’s driveway. By the time Will un-clicked his seatbelt, Rhodes had opened Will’s door and was waiting. Will slid out of the SUV and hurried to the front door. He wanted to make sure nothing embarrassing was laying about… though if they had been by to check his house for listening devices they probably saw everything anyway. (Had they picked his lock? Would they tell him the truth if he asked?) Nothing was out of place and Will made good use of his spare moment to start a pot of coffee. Once the percolator started steaming, Will turned around and nearly ran into O’Neill. He was quiet and sneaky and currently smirking.

“Good idea,” O’Neill told Will. “Coffee will make this easier. Do you have cake to go with it?”

Will shook his head ‘no’ and O’Neill looked genuinely disappointed. “Oh well, maybe next time.”

Will didn’t know what to think about O’Neill’s presumption. O’Neill ushered Will into his own living room. Rhodes was standing next to the TV with the remote control in her hand. She passed Will’s remote to O’Neill and stepped back. O’Neill pressed play and people in strange garb appeared on the screen. The clothes were interesting, but what really captured Will’s attention was the way that in casual interactions… they danced.

“We want to draw up a treaty with these people but the team practically got tossed off the land the first time they were there. My language expert says that in order for this to work, the teams need to learn some sort of dance, but he wasn’t sure what the dance was and he knew that he couldn’t teach it.”

Will watched the video for fifteen minutes. So long that when O’Neill asked how he took his coffee, he was startled out of his entrancement. O’Neill handed him a coffee, in his second biggest mug that was heavy with the cream and sugar. O’Neill handed Rhodes a second cup of coffee and kept Will’s biggest mug for himself. Will settled on the couch, started the video from the beginning and drank his coffee. O’Neill puttered around and Rhodes kept an eye on the road from inside Will’s front door.

Since he had already watched the video once, he had a sort of context for the body language. Will watched the flirting in that corner of his flat screen. Those two men in that corner had Puck’s body language: they were spoiling for a fight. Actually, all of the younger men were increasingly aggressive as they danced around the soldiers. The soldiers weren’t taking it seriously because it was ‘dancing.’ Will could see the dance of the mature elders as they ‘talked’ the younger generation down. That pacing right there was worry. That running side step was amusement.

“The dancing is part of their language,” Will muttered. “It’s not just being polite and bowing at the correct level for someone in Japan.”

“Excuse me?” O’Neill asked.

Will pointed out his previous observations and then backed up the DVD. “Wait a second. I’ll show you. There.” He pointed at the balding man in the military uniform. “That aggressive step forward. That’s what those kids that I showed you before did. And he didn’t back up when the… elders tried to reply. The natives understood that better than whatever your translator said. It looks like the polite introduction includes a step into the other person’s personal space as they step back and then the other person steps forward and you step back. Each person gives a little ground.” The group’s translator was a beautiful woman, probably a native herself. Though she didn’t dance in response to the village elders, her poise was completely non-confrontational.

O’Neill rubbed his forehead. “Damnit, McKay.” He sighed. “And of course Daniel had to be correct. Good thing I prepped for that case. Okay, can you teach our Marines how to correctly respond to the Maepre?”

“I can only try to teach them the correct response to steps they might see. But that’s like replying muy bien every time someone asks como estas? It won’t always be correct even if it’s technically a right answer.”

“Would you be able to translate if you were there?” O’Neill pointed at the TV screen.

“Probably. But I’m just guessing based on what I see here.”

“Ok,” O’Neill sighed again. “We’ll double your pay and pay you hazard if anything goes FUBAR.”

Will blinked. That was a lot of money for a summer gig. “Can I bring students as assistants?”

“Absolutely not.” O’Neill left no room for negotiation. “You will be given hazard pay. Hopefully not too much of it. No minors. Period.”

Will watched the Maepre on the recording again. He read the communication in the lines of the natives’ bodies. He wished he could bring Mike and Brittany with him. Mike would love to be paid to dance and it would be an opportunity for Brittany to be considered smart. Both of them would be able to understand the Maepre as easily as Will did.

“What about music?”

“Music?” O’Neill echoed. “They don’t use music.”

“True, but they’ve danced for most of their lives. They know how to… ad lib it. My students wouldn’t have that advantage. They are going to need music.”

O’Neill looked over Will’s shoulder at his record player. “That’s not coming. Limited space. It has to be digital.”

“That would force me to leave most of my collection at home,” Will argued.

O’Neill looked at his driver. “Make it digital. Buy it if it’s available. Do it fast. And since you are doing it anyway, save me a copy of everything. You have a very nice collection,” O’Neill told Will.

Rhodes saluted. “Yes, sir.”

Since the Air Force was willing to pay for it, Will set Lieutenant Rhodes down with a computer and an ipod. She was tasked with buying/digitizing Will’s entire music collection so that he’d have anything and anything that he might need so far from home. She was also to save songs popular with soldiers. Will had to make his dancing applicable and interesting to the Marines. He wondered if this would be better or worse than all the drama of teaching the football team.

O’Neill waved Will over to the kitchen table. He handed Will papers and a pen. “Sign.”

Having taken to heart one of the many hard lessons learned from his divorce, Will sat down and read instead. It wasn’t long until he had a question. “I’m not allowed to tell anyone where I’m going?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you where you’re going until you sign. If anyone asks, tell them out of the country –technically true.”

“I’m not allowed to tell them how I got there?”

“Ship,” O’Neill answered. “Again, technically true.”

“Or who I met?”

“You are not allowed to mention the Maepre by name. Group or individuals.”

Will blinked. “I’m not allowed to tell them what I did?”

“You taught Marines how to dance. Again technically true.” O’Neill grinned at him. “We’re big into technicalities in the program.”

“Why all the secrets?”

“I’ll tell you after you sign saying that you won’t tell anyone else.”

Will thought it over. “Do I have to go after you tell me the answers to all my questions? Am I allowed to pull out?”

O’Neill pouted, truly pouted and Will’s first thought was that Kurt would have a major crush on this man if he could sing as well. “But why would anyone want to? It’s a great program run by yours truly. It’s a once in a lifetime experience.”

Will waited. “Well? Can I pull out?”

O’Neill looked disappointed. “I don’t know why anyone would. It shouldn’t be too dangerous and you will have a squad of Marines for bodyguards.”

“Can I refuse the job after I sign?”

“Yes,” O’Neill finally relented.

Will signed the papers. “So where is this mysterious place? Why can’t you tell me?”

O’Neill grinned. “Because you’d never believe the truth.”

“You’ve got a lot of money backing up your claim. So where do the Maepre originate from?”

“A very long time ago, here.”

“Here? As in Ohio?”

“Here as in Earth.”

“Earth,” Will echoed and suddenly he was wondering if O’Neill was missing from some mental hospital.

O’Neill grinned and bounced on his toes. “I told you that you wouldn’t believe me.” He handed Will some stone egg looking thing. Will was looking for someplace safe to set it down if it was dangerous.

O’Neill opened his cell phone. “O’Neill to Daedalaus. Two to transport.”

Will saw a very bright light and then he was on a bridge of a ship. O’Neill was beside him. “Colonel Caldwell,” he said to a balding man.

“General O’Neill,” the other man said as he saluted. The colonel nodded to Will. “Welcome aboard the Daedalaus. Please stay with your escort at all times until you’ve read all of the protocols.”

Will felt the urge to say ‘yes, sir’ which he had never considered saying to O’Neill. He said, “Sure,” instead.

“So,” O’Neill waved a hand about. “This is the Daedalaus. That’s Earth.”

Will twisted and could see Earth out the window. Wow. He had seen pictures, but it was nothing like real life. He couldn’t imagine anything this… wow. He was in outer space. He was in a space ship.

Wow. Will took several steps forward and craned his neck to look about. Wow. He could see stars, the sun was behind the space ship and was that the moon on the other side of Earth? Wow.

“So?” O’Neill prompted.


O’Neill laughed. “Normally, I’m all for laughing at you while the truth sinks in but we just don’t have the time. The Daedalaus leaves for the Pegasus Galaxy tomorrow and I need you on it, or I need to go through the cart and pony show with another dance teacher. Our people in Pegasus sent word via… radio about the Maepre just a couple days ago and if Daniel called it and we did need a dance translator, we were hoping to send a teaching on this trip. It takes three weeks for the Daedalaus to get there and three weeks back. The Daedalaus will rest there for two weeks while you do your thing and then you come back with them.”

Will was still staring out the window. Wow.

“Schuester?” O’Neill called his name.

Will tore his gaze away from the window and looked at the general. “Uh. Yeah?”

“How would you like to be paid to go to another galaxy?”

“How dangerous is it?” Because the people on the Daedalaus were dangerous looking. Caldwell looked like he would make some very tough choices if it saved most of his people. He had the focus of Sue Sylvester with a bigger purpose. He would sacrifice a minority for the majority.

O’Neill sobered. “I won’t lie. It’s not Earth. The Daedalaus has more firepower than the vast majority of ships out there. But there could always be someone we hadn’t met yet and if two ships gang up on her, it could be dicey. Pegasus had its own set of problems. Namely, space vampires called Wraith. But you should never see any. They don’t know where our base is and you will be off our base only once and when that happens you will have a full military escort. So what do you say?”

When O’Neill had promised a once in a lifetime experience, he hadn’t been lying.

If Will said ‘no,’ he would spend the rest of his life wondering what could have happened if he said ‘yes.’ Saying ‘no’ was just chicken, he’d never be able to challenge his kids again knowing that he wouldn’t take a challenge himself. He glanced out the window again to Earth.


“Yes,” he said,

“Great.” O’Neill pointed at a technician. “Send us back. Schuester has a ton of packing to do.”

The next thing Will knew, he was in his own house again. Rhodes was still busy on his computer and going through his record collection. She barely looked up when they were transported (beamed?) into the living room.

“Okay,” O’Neill clapped his hands together. “Rhodes here will look after you and get you situated. Do you have someone to call to keep an eye on the house while you’re gone?”

Will thought about it. Emma? No, she would worry. Shannon? Shannon would be a good choice. “Yes.”

“Call them, but don’t tell them anything that you just promised that you wouldn’t tell.”


“Good. I’m going for a little drive. I saw a park near here that allows fishing.” O’Neill held out his hand and a shell-shocked Will shook it. “Good luck, Schuester. Thank you for helping us. Making allies in the Pegasus galaxy is very important to us.”

“Ahh, you’re welcome?”

O’Neill clapped his shoulder. “You’ll do fine, kid. Rhodes, take care of him.” And then he was gone. The sound of whistling (perfect pitch and an intricate melody-was that from an opera?) floated behind him.

Will called Shannon as soon as the general left. Will remained in his house with the Air Force officer assistant. He had less than twenty-four hours before his journey (holy cow was it going to be journey!). It was after hours for any businesses, electric and such that he was going to have to have turned off for the summer. Mail, he was going to have to have the Post Office hold his mail. He hoped that he remembered to do it all.

He took a deep breath and listened to Shannon Beiste’s phone ring. “Be there,” he muttered. “Please be there.” The young Air Force officer he had been assigned watched him warily. Will was allowed to make phone calls to tie up his responsibilities for the summer, but he wasn’t allowed to tell anyone where he was going.


Since he was going to another galaxy!

The young woman was to make sure Will watched his words and didn’t let anything slip. It wasn’t as if Will had a lot of experience not telling people where he was going.

“Hello?” Shannon answered.

“Yes,” Will breathed in response. “Shannon, it’s Will. I found a summer job, but I’ll be out of the country and need a friend to keep an eye on everything.”

“Will, calm down. What’s going on?”

“I told you, I’m getting paid to go out of the country and, honestly, I’m worried about my Glee Club kids. What if they need me? They all have my phone number for if they get into trouble or if they get drunk somewhere and I don’t want them calling it and no one answering it.”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is not calming down. You have time to calm down. When do you leave?”

“Tomorrow. So yeah, no time to calm down.”

“Why is it such a short notice?”

“There’s only one ship going there in the next eight weeks and I gotta be on it.”

“Will,” Shannon was understandably wary. “What is going on?”

“I told you, I got a job. A great job and I need you to look after things for me. Do you want me to ask someone else?”

“Emma?” Shannon supplied.

“She’ll be out of town several times for counselor retreats. I thought you would be around all summer?”

“I will be.”

“Can you be there for my Glee Club kids?”

“I will be,” Shannon promised.

Will sighed with relief. “Thank you so much. I will owe you big. Call in the favor whenever you need.”

“I’m calling it in now, Will. I want truth.”

Will gulped. “Oh?” He silently begged that she didn’t ask any questions that would violate the confidentiality agreement. The ink of his signature wasn’t yet dry.

“Who hired you?”

“The United States.”


“To teach Marines how to dance.”


“Yes! Isn’t it great!”

“Did you sign already?”


“I’m coming over. I want to see your contract.”


“I’ll be there in twenty minutes.” She hung up on Will.

Will stared at his phone in shock. Why was Shannon acting this way? Will raced around the house collecting anything and everything he could think of that Shannon might need. He heard the knock at the door seventeen minutes after he had hung up the phone. “Coming,” he called. He clattered down the stairs in time to see Rhodes open the door.

Shannon Beiste stood in the doorway and took one look at the Air Force ensign and stopped dead in her tracks. She glared at Will. “I thought you said Marines?”

“I did.”

“Why is an Air Force ensign and not a Marine helping you pack?”

“It’s an Air Force program that’s spreading out. The Marines are their grunts.”

“Will, cooperative military stations are even more dangerous than regular duty stations.”

“I’m teaching dance.”

“Are you sure?” Shannon countered.

“What else am I good for?”

Shannon was frightfully slow arguing that.

Will smiled in spite of himself. “I will be fine. The general said that I’d have a military escort every time I’m off base.”

“Will, McKinley High is the playground of life compared to going into military action.” Shannon told him seriously. “Are you sure that you can handle it? I know that there’s more going on than you can tell me and that worries me. Why do they need a dance teacher?”

“Shannon. You don’t need to worry. Really! This is going to be an experience like none other.”

“That’s for sure,” she muttered.


“Will,” the big woman interrupted. “I need you to promise me something.”

“Okay,” he said hesitantly.

“I need you to promise that you’ll be careful and that you’ll listen to whoever is put in charge of your safety.”

“Oh, I’ll do that. I shouldn’t need to, but if something happens, I will so be looking for someone else to save my life.”

“Good. Also, eat every time you have a chance, you never know when you’ll get the chance again.”

Will laughed and clapped Shannon’s arm. “I don’t think I’ll have a problem with that either.”

“So tell me what needs to be done yet and where are your keys and phone.”

Will handed Shannon a bag, packed with his cell phone and charger, his emergency contact list, his keys and anything else that he thought Shannon might need while he was out of town. “Hey, I just went shopping a couple days ago. You want to take the perishables home and eat them?”

Shannon nodded. “I could take it off your hands.”

“Great!” Will loaded Shannon up with anything that would spoil in the next three months. He managed to shoo her out the door with minimal questions and lies. He was actually proud of how well he kept O’Neill’s secret.

Rhode helped him pack more than his music. She packed his clothes and extras while Will packed up his keyboard and his guitar and as much sheet music as he could stash. She organized everything all through the night and kept Will going until the wee hours of the morning. As soon as businesses were open, she directed him to make the phone calls to turn off the electric, water and cable. She had the Post Office hold his mail. She did any number of things that Will would never have considered, especially considering the lack of sleep. The house would be fine in his absence.

“You do this often?” he asked idly.

“This is my job,” she said.

Will locked the doors. Rhodes tagged all of his luggage and then called up the Daedalaus. Will was transferred to outer space (and boy, did that take some getting used to). He had to lug all of his stuff to his bunk. Rhodes helped and then informed him that he had it lucky, the grunts were six to a berth. Rhodes handed him a map of the ship with the areas that he was allowed highlighted in yellow. She also handed him a huge manual of procedures while on the space ship and warned him that it could safe his life if he read it and followed them. She wished him well and then she returned to Earth.

Will was on his own.


Part 2


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Nov. 23rd, 2011 10:25 pm (UTC)

Yes, I *did* read that correctly. A SGA/Glee crossover?

And... it's *good*?!

What is this crazy trip and what did I take to get here?! :D

I really, really wasn't expecting this to be... this. This is good. I liked it. I'm still in shock.

(This is meant to be a compliment)
Nov. 23rd, 2011 10:35 pm (UTC)
I understand completely!
I was in the same shock the entire time I was writing it. And it only took 3 wks to write a near bigbang length story and I didn't even have a deadline pushing me!
I shook my head in shock every time I worked on it.
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