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Fic: Preparing the Past

 Preparing the Past
Beta Prompt 09-11:First Class crossover with Stargate, specifically '1969'
Word Count: 600

Charles had just been hungry. He had been trying to pin down a mutant and he knew the mutant was somewhere around, but the child was hiding. Alex Summers jiggled Charles’ wheelchair up the steps and through the door of this small town eatery. Charles nearly winced at the diner set-up. There wasn’t enough room for his wheelchair to be pulled up to a table and then for people to get around. Charles was going to be a bother and a health hazard. There was only one table, in the far corner, where he wouldn’t be in the way and that table was presently occupied.

The oldest occupant at the table (he had his back to the corner and an organized military mind, why wasn’t he in Vietnam?) looked at Charles and then nodded that Charles and Alex should come to their table. He waved down a waitress to clear it. By the time Charles and Alex weaved through the other customers, the military man’s companions had helped the waitress clean up the table and had slid out of the way. Charles touched their minds and they walked by him. The overwhelming feeling from them was not pity, was not that he was less of a man. The lack of the patronizing emotion was like a beacon to Charles. These people didn’t think Charles worth less than any other person due to the wheelchair, or that he should stay home and out of the way. The attitude was startling different from the rest of the diner customers.

The woman smiled and her mind was busy with calculus equations. She spared some thought for old friends –more military people- who had their mobility taken from them in a war. The man with glasses was thinking about some Disabilities Act of which Charles had never heard. He was thinking about changing cultures and mores. He was thinking that sometimes politicians do do the right thing. The big black man was only thinking about protecting his friends but someone close by hated the black man intensely and Charles cast a net over the diners looking for the racist that might cause problems.

The older man put a quick stop to the mental probe. He leaned down and whispered to Charles, “Stay out of our heads, Professor.” Charles stared at him, surprised. He truly wanted to put his fingers to his temple to concentrate, but that would give the game away, and all of a sudden the older man was broadcasting a thought. A picture in his mind of seeing an older (bald, how horrifying) Charles and that older Charles telling this soldier to tell the telepath exactly those words. The man broadcasted another thought ‘Grandfather Paradox.’ What was past for this man was future for Charles and future Charles had prepared the past of this man for this moment.

Older Charles had done it deliberately. Some time in the future, Charles would have to do a joint operation with humans, with this man in charge. Charles needed to know that he could trust this man, Colonel Jack O’Neill, in the future.

Charles smiled at him. “I look forward to working with you.” He would have to remember to tell O’Neill to say ‘Stay out of our heads, Professor.’ Charles did not want to break the Paradox.

The man rolled his eyes and broadcasted ‘cryin’ out loud.’ Then he patted Charles on the shoulder. “’Till then.” And he was gone. He joined his compatriots in trying to fix whatever mistake brought them here, to this time out of their time.

Charles wished them success.


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Jun. 25th, 2011 01:31 am (UTC)
You realize, you now have to write the future mission they meet on? =)
Jun. 25th, 2011 11:32 am (UTC)
I have some vague ideas but sure. It'll probably be a long time before the 'mission' gets written.
Jun. 25th, 2011 11:33 am (UTC)
i meant to say but NOTHING sure
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