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Random Shorts: X-Men, X-Men/WC, WC/ NCIS

 Follow the Leader
Fandom: X-Men, First Class
Summary: Charles could make anyone do anything, but he chose not to use it. Raven doesn’t understand this.
Word Count: 250

Without a doubt, all in the Xavier household knew who led and who followed. Raven was the one who could, at a moment’s notice, have the appearance of an adult, but it was Charles with all of the ideas. His ideas were always so grand and fun. He knew so much and shared his secrets. She had never regretted following Charles. It wasn’t until Raven had witnessed the true extent of his power that she lost all understanding of the boy who insisted that they were more similar than not.

Charles could make anyone do anything, but he chose not to use it. He chose to attend all of his college classes and listen to his professors. He chose to turn in all of his assignments and chose to stay in a write paper after paper, culminating in a five hundred page thesis. Charles didn’t have to do any of that. He could have made the teachers think that he had. He could have made them give him straight A’s and partied every night. He could have used his mutation to save himself so much time, energy and effort.

Raven didn’t understand that. She had survived by taking advantage of every edge her mutation gave her.

She understood Erik in a way that she would never understand Charles, so when he asked for followers, she knew who she would step behind.

In the end, it was about who used their mutation to the fullest. He was the one she followed.


Job Competition
Prompt: X-men/White Collar, Neal (/ or &) Remy, both characters mutant or both not, trying to steal the same thing
Prompter: lmx_v3point3 on April 13th, 2011 11:24 am (UTC)
Word Count: 150

Three months of hard work and research and this was all he got for his efforts: a smoldering hole in the wall.

Three months of being Sal DeMonde, of a Cajun accent, good food and suffering in Louisiana’s humidity. Neal had no problem offering the richest man in New Orleans a consolatory gesture. After all, Neal was extremely disappointed that the Mozart sheet music wasn’t in the safe. He had planned to steal it that very night since he had just witnessed the safe’s code. Now the code didn’t matter, since the combination lock had been melted with a very controlled, very quiet explosion.

Neal faced the door in time to see a tall man in a trench coat. The man grinned and looked at Neal over his dark sunglasses. Neal saw the red eyes and nearly growled.


They made it so very hard for a thief these days.


Cross Jurisdictions
Prompt/Summary: White Collar/NCIS; Neal, Gibbs, Peter; "I didn't do it!"
Prompter: phate_phoenix on April 13th, 2011 01:01 pm (UTC)
Word Count: 200

He had been found standing over a stolen painting that someone had acquired by killing a sailor. He claimed to be FBI, but didn’t have a badge or gun. He had a set of lock picks on his person and was apparently a talented pickpocket, as evidenced by his acquisition of McGee’s phone. He didn’t flinch at Gibbs’ glare.

In his defense, his phone call did go to the FBI NY office and the agent answering phone promised to arrive shortly.

The elevator doors finally opened and the agents filed off. A step behind the African American with his badge showing was a man in a Rat Pack suit and sharp hat. He was the one who sidled up to the suspect and clucked, “Tut, tut Peter. Finding a Degas without your team nearby.”

“Shut it Neal. Diana, tell me that you have my badge that a certain someone stole. Jones, you have my orders from Hughes that I was supposed to find that Degas?”

Diana handed over the identification and Jones handed Gibbs the orders.

“So Peter, how did it feel to steal…”

“I didn’t do it, Neal. So don’t start.”

“But what about the phone, sir?” Diana asked.



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Jun. 23rd, 2011 02:10 pm (UTC)
Awesome! They were all good--and I completely understood Raven's perspective even as I wanted tell her that she's missing the point--but the last one was fabulous. You set it up perfectly and then the reveal that it was Peter rather than Neal was just awesome.
Jun. 23rd, 2011 08:55 pm (UTC)
Yeah, even wrong Raven has become an interesting character. I want to shake her and at the same time write until she makes sense.

I'm glad you enjoyed Peter getting arrested for being a thief.
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