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Fic: Projections

By PaBurke
Summary: Lamont Cranston is introduced to a young Charles Xavier
Disclaimer/Fandoms: Neither The Shadow movie nor X-Men, First Class movie belong to me. I gain no money from this.
Word Count: 300


“You remember our son, Charles?”

Lamont politely directed his attention to the boy at the Xaviers’ side. The meet-n-greet required among the New York richest was boring. The unassuming child shook Lamont’s hand and Lamont felt a very strong fizzle of projective energy. His politeness vanished as true interest sprung into being. “It’s very good to meet you, Charles.”

“A pleasure, Mr. Cranston. Mrs. Cranston,” he smiled openly at Margo. This boy would be a real charmer when he grew up. He would be many great things when he matured. Lamont brushed against Charles’ mind. Charles’ eyes narrowed a fraction and he returned the volley effortlessly. He was powerful. Lamont couldn’t see any evidence of the Tibetan training that the Shadow had underwent. Self-trained, restrained, and controlled, even more impressive.

“This is Raven. Our Charles is already quite the philanthropist. He wanted her to join our family, so of course, he got his wish,” Mrs. Xavier indicated a tiny blonde girl on Charles’ far side. Raven didn’t approach, just ducked her head shyly.

Lamont smiled at her. He also sent a wave of projective energy her way, but before it could connect he was walloped with a demand from Charles. Stay away from mine, he heard mentally and with extreme clarity, and I’ll stay away from yours. The threat to Margo was unmistakable. Charles feared what he could or would do to Raven and was extremely protective of her. He would have no problem following through if Lamont pushed.

Truce, he projected to the boy.


Lamont had considered offering to train the boy, but he knew now that Charles Xavier wouldn’t want him that close to his adoptive sister. “If he’s such a great philanthropist now,” he told Mrs. Xavier, “Imagine how great he will be in the future.”