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Fic: Getting to Know You


Getting to Know You

By: PaBurke

Disclaimer:  No infringement intended.  I’m just playing, no profit involved.  If you recognize the characters, they’re not mine.

Distribution: The Nook, tthdrabbles

Spoilers:  Post Chosen for BtVS, nothing really for SG1

Word Count: 100

Prompt: #062 - Things that go BOOM



Daniel was playing peacemaker between SG1 and the new ‘specialist’ team.  No snarling at the moment, so… improvement.  Daniel had mixed-up the two teams to make two new ones and they were playing Pyramid.  The goal was to guess the category before the timer sounded.  It was helping break the ice. 


Teal’c and the Council’s Oz were definitely the best ones at the game.  They were both cool, calm and had listened more than they had spoken in the last tense weeks.


“Buffy’s rocket launcher,” Oz said.  “Our high school, any planet, asteroid, or star that gets in Carter’s way.”