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Fic: Signs of Mischief

 Signs of Mischief
By PaBurke
Fandoms: NCIS (season three-ish) Warehouse 13 (Season One)
Summary/Prompt: Pete’s sister and Abby’s mother are both deaf. So what if the hearing members of the families knew each other?
Word Count: 300

“Peter Lattimer,” the woman’s voice announced loudly across the café.

Pete and Myka turned to face the tall Goth. She looked far from Pete’s type but she knew his name. Pete’s face lit up, but instead of saying the woman’s name, his hands started moving –fast. He started with odd fists –with the thumbs out and not over the other fingers. He put them on either side of his head and then pulled them down to his shoulders.

The woman laughed and her hands flew faster than Myka could comprehend, but Pete didn’t look lost, in fact, he looked delighted and his hands responded in kind. Myka was lost. It was interesting watching Pete be so free, normally Pete couldn’t hide anything, and he didn’t, but now Myka understood that she couldn’t read his language.

This woman could.

Next thing Myka knew, the two were waving goodbye and Pete turned to her and motioned his hands.

Myka raised an eyebrow.

Pete flushed a bit and rubbed his fist against his chest. “Sorry.”

“Who’s that?” she asked the simple question first.

“Abby Sciuto. Known her forever. We were in the same deaf family support group. My parents sent me there after they found out about my sister. We commiserated a lot.” He grinned. “In all sorts of fun ways. We were always competing, who could sign faster, who could read lips better. Who was more creative in protecting our deaf family members. There was one time when some frat boys pranked a silent dinner. Three deaf people were hurt.” Pete turned a bit serious, but just a bit. “They never ever pranked anyone ever again.”

Now that was a story Myka actually wanted to hear. Myka could just imagine Pete and his Goth friend getting revenge on behalf of their families.