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Drabble: That Rich Mysterious Thing

 That Rich Mysterious Thing
Fandoms: Castle / Batman
Word Count: 200
Summary / Beta Challenge 11-004: a Castle / Batman snippet. You know how Castle likes to look at the obvious situation and say, "But this would make the better story"?

“You can’t be dating Bruce Wayne,” Castle sputtered way too loud for the bullpen.

Beckett refused to blush or act ashamed, even if all were listening. “It’s not like we’re exclusive. I see him when he’s in town.”

“He’s a rich kid like me. Worse than me!” Castle argued.

“No Castle,” Beckett said calmly, “There’s actual depth to Bruce. There’s something…” Beckett shrugged. “Mysterious about him.”

“I can’t believe that you fell for the ‘rich and mysterious thing.’ Next thing you know you’ll be dating Lex Luthor.”

“Luthor’s slime,” Beckett responded quickly.

“But Wayne? Do you know what my fans would do if Nikki Heat suddenly started dating the richest man in America? They’d lynch me! It’d make the stories too easy and heaven forbid what would happen if Nikki Heat ran to her rich boyfriend with one little problem.”

Now Beckett straightened dangerously. “One. I would never run to Bruce with a problem. Two. Who said this was sudden?” Castle sputtered but Beckett grabbed her coat and walked out. “We have an actual case. You coming or are you going to continue to freak out… like a fanboy face-to-face with Batman?” she called.

“Flash is clearly superior,” Castle grumped.