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Fic: The Ally in the Invisible Corner

 The Ally in the Invisible Corner
by PaBurke
Distribution: faithburke.livejournal.com, ff.net
Disclaimer: No copyright infringement intended, no money made, no characters created.
Spoilers: Season one of Eureka, season one of Warehouse 13 (so long before the SyFy channel did the crossover themselves… how cool is that?!)
Summary: No one told Jack Carter that he had the authority (as a Secret Service agent –when did that one happen?) to remove especially dangerous items from the scientists and give them to the strange little man named Artie.
Word Count: 500


“Well, that explains everything.”

Jack looked up from his desk where he was struggling with paperwork to the strange, little man standing in the middle of the office. He was an unknown to Jack, but he seemed to be of Eureka ilk (meaning too smart for Jack’s good).

“Dr. Neilson,” Jo addressed the stranger and Jack silently congratulated himself at identifying the extent of the man’s schooling. Jack judged Jo’s seemingly neutral reaction to Neilson.

“Please call me Artie,” the man addressed both Jo and Jack with the one comment. He adjusted his glasses as he stared at Jack.

Jack decided he should try to be friendly. He stood and approached the man with his hand out. “Sheriff Jack Carter.”

Artie shook his hand with a genuine smile. “It’s very nice to meet you. Now I know why Cobb hasn’t contacted me for a pick-up. What happened to Sheriff Cobb?”

“Injured in the line of duty,” Jo told him. Jo treated him as an outsider, but as a special kind of outsider.

“Where do you fit in Eureka,” Jack went straight for the point.

Artie grinned, like he was a teacher and Jack was a difficult student who was finally showing some initiative. Jack was familiar with that look. “Excellent question. I’m hated by the scientists which is why none of them mentioned me to you.”

“If you’d quit taking their toys,” Jo murmured, “maybe you wouldn’t get slimed.”

“If they quit designing objects they can’t control, I’ll quit taking them,” Artie countered.

Jack had had this conversation a time or three with Henry. “If they don’t stretch their limits, they can’t learn more.”

“You’re familiar with the mindset.” Artie looked up at him. “Are you of the same opinion?”

“Not really. When someone ends up dead or hurt, it’s time for the experiment to end.”

Artie clapped his hands together and rubbed them. “Excellent.” He reached into a bag he had placed on the floor and started pulling out objects. “Here’s a phone to contact my team. Here’s your paperwork and badge, so that you can supersede GD and confiscate objects and here’s your additional confidentiality agreement.”

Jack juggled the objects before setting them on his desk. “Would you like some coffee, or a meal? I could take you over the Café Diem while I read through all this.”

“No, no. It’s better for you if they don’t know that you’ve met me and that you can call me for a pick-up. They’ll hide less artifacts from you if they think they can flaunt them. Fax me the agreement when you’ve signed it and call me if you have a problem. My one piece of advice would be to call me as soon as you have an item for transport. If they can get whatever it is into Section 5, even I can’t pry it loose.” Artie picked up his bag. “It was very nice to meet you Sheriff Carter. Always a pleasure, Deputy Lupo.”

Then he was gone.



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Jun. 18th, 2011 01:12 pm (UTC)
Well, that explains why the scientists didn't tell him about Artie, but why didn't Jo since she apparently knew him?
Jun. 18th, 2011 10:05 pm (UTC)
Jo has mixed feelings about Artie and Warehouse 13. And it was supposed to be Alison's job. The fact that Alison didn't is a major -intentional- oversight.
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