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Drabble: Elderly Customers

 Elderly Customers
By PaBurke
Summary: Two of the people Chuck never flashed on.
Fandoms: Chuck (Season One-ish) and a delayed reveal (Season One-ish)

Chuck was stunned by a flash on the two men who had just walked into the Buy More. He stopped and stared, awestruck.

“Get out,” he breathed. There was no way the Intersect was correct on their identities. They were young and alive and young! The two men looked younger than Chuck Bartowski himself. What were they doing in the Buy More? Alive? And young?

Chuck was totally geeking out and he knew it but he couldn’t stop. He had caught Casey’s eye and his bodyguard was starting to look fierce and nervous. Chuck saw the “apprehend on sight” in the flash but ignored it.

Chuck was not about to let the NID, CIA or Casey ruin his fun. Not to mention, Lester was drifting in their direction looking for a sale. Chuck hurried to intercept Lester and pointed the Nerd Herder in the direction of a semi-hot girl. He was easily distracted.

Chuck approached the two customers with a smile on his face. “Welcome to Buy More. Are you looking for something in particular?” He couldn’t suppress his silly grin; he was serving the Once and Future King and Merlin!

They were so young!

Sometimes, this job was AWESOME!



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May. 14th, 2011 04:34 am (UTC)
*vbg* Ohhh, Chuck! Still a geeky fanboy underneath it all - and apparently, someone's uploaded a few episodes of Merlin to the Intersect? (That's how I read this, anyway; could be wrong.)
May. 15th, 2011 01:16 am (UTC)
Arthur is the Once and Future King. They'd want to keep an eye on him.
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