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Fic: The Seasons Change So Fast

 The Seasons Change So Fast
By PaBurke
Summary: Clark Kent has left the farm for the first time decades. Space is more complicated than he remembered. And nothing is simple where James T Kirk is concerned.
Cross: Justice League Universe AU-ish and Star Trek: Reboot
Words Count: 1,000

Seasons Come, Seasons Go
Season Past
Spring is Surprising


Some previously unknown alien species had dumped the Enterprise into a time dilatation field. Spock and Chekov had managed to discover that time was moving faster and rippling in ways with which they were unfamiliar. The time rippling meant that one part of the Enterprise was moving faster than another, but which part at which time was unpredictable. Noyta and the Captain were trying to contact the species to negotiate, but no one was responding to their hails.

Dr. McCoy was incredibly busy. The time rippling was harming the crew. They already had one death and McCoy had five crew members, two in one group and three in the other, where their bodies were overlapping in time and space. McCoy could not explain their continued survival and had no way to separate the bodies without deadly consequences.

When Mr. Kent appeared on the bridge of the Enterprise, the captain was pleased. Spock was also relieved to see the hydroponics officer. “Clark,” the captain said. “Tell me you know how to fix this.”

“I’m sorry, Captain,” he shook his head. “We had specialists to solve these problems. I was hoping to use the communications desk… terminal to attempt to contact one of them.”

Kirk pulled Noyta away from the communications desk. “Please.”

Mr. Kent sat stiffly in the chair. He began changing the frequencies, with each movement he became more confident. He increased his speeds. He never spoke a message but tapped out a code. Spock watched Noyta watch Mr. Kent. She did not seem to be familiar with the code, so it was not in Federation records. Finally, Mr. Kent tapped one last code before standing. He smiled at Noyta and said, “You can have your seat back.”

“How soon before we see results?” Kirk asked.

“It’s a long shot, Captain,” Mr. Kent reminded him. “I would suggest continuing your diplomacy efforts.”

Bah, diplomacywiththosesmucksisn’tworthyourtime.” A person –human in appearance- suddenly appeared on the bridge. He spoke so fast that it was difficult to decipher his meaning. He stilled for a moment and whistled at the computers. “Didn’t‘specttoseethisinmylifetime.” He bounced on his toes. “Everybody’sgotaspaceship!” He moved so fast that Spock’s eyes were unable to follow. The red-headed man stopped with his arms around Mr. Kent. “Supes! It’ssogoodtoseeyou. IwassosurprisedtoheartheoldJLcode! Youcametovisitme!

Mr. Kent wrapped his arms around the stranger. “Hey Wally. It’s good to see you too. I’m glad you heard my distress signal.”

Why are you in distress?

“This ship was not intended to travel in this time stream and it is breaking apart.”

Wally bounced, “Youmeanthattheydon’tbuildthemliketheyusedto? TheBat’sshipwouldhavebeenabletowithstandthechanges. Foralittlewhileanywayandalltimeisrelativehere. ImissBatsandtheothers. Hey, haveyouseenGLorJ’onn?

“Wally, please focus. We need help getting out of here.”

“But you just got here.” Spock’s mind adjusted to the speeds at which the man talked and could now differentiate between the words.

“You could come with us.”

Wally scuffed his foot like a child. “No, I can’t. This is where I’ll be for the rest of my life.

“Do you like it here?”

Wally shrugged. “Sometimes. Time moves at my speeds here.

“Can you help us get back to our time stream?”

Wally moved, it was more of a blur suddenly appearing next to Chekov. His hands moved so fast over the computer terminal, Spock’s eyes were tricked into seeing more than two. “Think so, can’t be that hard. I’ve been studying the affects of this place for a while.” Wally looked up. “How long have I been here?

“A long time.”

You look exactly the same.” Wally was able to successfully divide his attention between his conversation with Mr. Kent and his calculations on the computer. Spock was attempting to follow Wally’s calculations from the Science station. He noticed that Wally typed faster than the computer could record.

“So do you.”

You could stay,” Wally suggested hopefully. “Time has no affect on you.

“I gave my word, Wally. I promised a year to the Enterprise.” That was news to Spock. He only had a year to figure out this mystery.

Then you could visit me after!” Wally said.


Think about it please?

“I’ll consider it.”

Good. I know that I have to grab you before you get back to Earth, ‘cause once you’re back on the farm, it’ll take another hundred years to pry you out.

Spock resolved to investigate the Kent farm again, at approximately one hundred years ago.

“Wally, we’re also having a problem with two people in the same place at the same time.”

Wally wrinkled his nose. “That can get ugly but if you put them in the time nexus as you fire up the thrusters and boy do you have fun some firepower pushing you along, I want to experiment…

“Wally, people are hurting,” Mr. Kent reminded the man.

Right. People, gotta save. Put them in the time nexus I’ve marked on the ship where that’ll be ‘cause you’ll have to check the hull when you get back to your time ‘cause it’ll have been weakened but you can handle it. People to save. Put them in the nexus and they should go back to not overlapping bodies. Or it’ll kill them but if they go back to your time in the state that they’re in, they’ll die anyway. You get all that?

“Yes, Wally.” Mr. Kent turned to the captain. “You might want to warn Dr. McCoy.”

“Uhura,” the captain addressed the woman. “Please convey the information to Dr. McCoy, also warn all of the crew to stay out of the places on the ship were the time nexus exist. We don’t need anyone else caught up in one.”

Wally pressed a final key on Chekov’s station, whizzed to Mr. Kent’s side, hugged him and was gone. It seemed in the next moment that the Enterprise was pulled into the correct timestream and Dr. McCoy was on the intercom about his five patients disappearing out of MedBay.

Mr. Kent told McCoy to find his patients in the time nexus Wally had indentified. That quickly, the Enterprise had survived another deadly scenario.