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 Thoughts on Truth, Justice and the LAPD Way
By PaBurke
Summary: Sergeant David Gabriel’s identity crisis
Fandoms: The Closer (Season One) and a delayed reveal (Season Six)
Word Count: 400

Sergeant David Gabriel settled in the best lazy chair of his bachelor pad and tried to relax. What he really wanted right now was a hot fudge ice cream sunday, but he couldn’t do that without also going down to the PD gym for an hour. He wished that he could eat as many sweets as before. Maybe he should go club hoppin’ to meet hot girls.

Man, he missed his Grace, but that was all but gone since the confrontation with Lucifer. It wasn’t totally bad, since he still existed but he was stuck in this form for the foreseeable future. David Gabriel had been created after Gabriel’s last conversation with Father, which coincidentally had happen around the time Sam Winchester had been born. David Gabriel was a bit boring and a brownnoser to boot, but that was on purpose. He was deliberately opposite either his archangel or Trickster persona. David might also be mortal, but Gabriel wasn’t about to test that. David held Gabriel’s knowledge and personality, but not his power. It had been merely another way to hide from Heaven’s civil war, an insurance policy. Where better to hide than behind your own name?

Gabriel hadn’t planned on being in this body full time, but here he was and he wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. For one, it was amusing to watch the chaos that followed in the wake of his new ‘boss,’ Chief Brenda Lee Johnson. He also got a chance to execute some justice, even if it was within the bounds of human law, which was better than nothing. Watching Brenda refuse sweets when he also couldn’t eat them helped his bruised ego.

The last reason Gabriel had chosen this low-on-the-totem-pole cop was that no one would run into him here. He was safe. He didn’t have his Grace to be track down. Neither demon nor angel would hang out at the LAPD. Hopefully the Winchesters wouldn’t get arrested in his town and even then, chances were good that someone else would do the arresting. The Winchesters would be the only ones that would look twice at this body and wonder ‘archangel?’

He was out of Heaven’s War, away from the Apocalypse whether he wanted to or not.

David Gabriel’s phone rang. The screen identified Chief Johnson’s number. No doubt she was about to order him around some more.

Gabriel was surprisingly content with that.