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Drabble: The Purse

 The Purse
By PaBurke
Summary: There is one place that Brenda Lee Johnson is truly organized.
Fandom: The Closer, Season One
Word Count: 200

Brenda Lee Johnson’s big black purse was something of an icon around the station. She was rarely without it and it held all manner of items, something applicable for every circumstance.

Most assumed it was as messy as her desk.

It wasn’t.

Sergeant Gabriel had had ample chances to glance in it, especially during the case where the chief had gone on her shopping/interrogation trip and he had volunteered to be her driver. He had learned about Brenda Lee Johnson on that trip.

Everything had its place, its pocket, in the purse and she knew where that was. So she was never truly searching for an item. Chief Johnson was religious about returning items correctly. Though digging through her purse could be a great distraction for a suspect during interrogation, she was a police officer first and foremost. If she couldn’t find something at the exact moment she needed it –say her gun, for instance- someone could end up dead.

Gabriel decided that the purse was just one more item in the Chief’s arsenal for giving people the incorrect assumption about her. (Not to mention, the thing weighed a ton; Chief Johnson must be pretty strong from carrying it everywhere.)