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Fic: The Profilers' Entertainment

 The Profilers’ Entertainment
By PaBurke
Fandoms: Criminal Minds, The Closer
Summary: Talk ‘round the coffee pot
Warnings: Sexual Innuendo
Word Count: 400

Emily Prentiss, Derrik Morgan and Spencer Reid stood back and watched the other BAU profiler, David Rossi, chat up their LA police liaison, head of the Priority Homicide squad. Or more precisely, they watched the two catch up on old times. From the body language Emily could see the remnants of an old flame, lovers at one time or another, but they had parted on good terms. Derrik could see the posturing, the competitiveness. They had worked together before and it hadn’t gone smoothly.

“Which one do you think will come out on top?” Derrik mused.

Emily raised an eyebrow at him.

“I meant on the job.” It didn’t appear that either one was interested in rekindling the old relationship, but they would see if that happened also. “Which one will crack the case or the Unsub first? Who will be able to manipulate the other better?”

“I gotta go with the Chief,” Emily said. “Brenda Lee Johnson is a legend in interrogation techniques.”

“Against Rossi? He teaches the FBI cadets how to interrogate,” Derrik countered. “I’ve got twenty on my man.”

“I’ll take that bet,” Emily replied.

Derrik paused and waited for Spencer to pipe up. When the genius didn’t interject, he said, “What about you, Reid? Which profiler will out-manipulate the other?”

“This is a blatant disregard for the ‘don’t profile the profiler’ rule,” Spencer reminded them.

Derrik grinned. “It’s just a bit of fun. I know you have an opinion.”

“Hotch will out-manipulate them both. He knows how both of them work and can counter it.”

Derrik and Emily blinked and then turned to find their boss. He hadn’t even been considered by the two of them in the contest. Agent Aaron Hotchner was standing on the far side of the bull pen, smoothing the waters with the chief of police, but he had one eye on the man and woman. David and Brenda didn’t notice him and that was to Hotch’s benefit and a testament to his skill. Hotch raised an eyebrow at his team –as if he knew what they were saying, and he probably did- and then turned to give Polk the majority of his attention.

“Oh man,” Derrik breathed. “We gotta get some popcorn. This could be fun.”

“After we catch the UnSub,” Emily both promised and warned.

“Of course. Of course. But where do you think we’ll be able to find some?”