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Fic: Ruling Philosophies

 Ruling Philosophies
By PaBurke
Summary: Arthur watches the visiting dignitaries.
Disclaimer: so not mine
Fandoms: Merlin (ate my brain) and Narnia (which I swore I’d never write)
Word Count: 300


“Presenting King Caspian and Queen Lucy of the Kingdom of Narnia,” the servant announced.

Arthur had seen several visiting royalties during peace talks, but none were similar to these three. They were humble and kind. Their servants and subjects alike adored them. Though the third member of their company had not been given a title, he stood at Lucy’s side. When people addressed the highnesses, he turned as if they might be talking to him and sometimes the Narnian subjects were. His name was Edmund; he wore a great sword as if he were a champion. King Caspian treated him as an equal. Edmund and King Caspian would vigorously spar and Arthur wished to join them.

But unless Narnia could have multiple kings at a time, something unsettling was afoot.

King Caspian had come to deliver a message to Uthur. The message was said in privacy, even Arthur was not privy to its mysterious contents. Queen Lucy had taken Morgana aside for a conversation as well. Gwen had been otherwise occupied at the time, Arthur wondered if that had been intentional. Both Uthur and Morgana were curiously quiet and subdued when the visitors departed.

They listened more and talked less. The two actually argued less about all things but especially about magic, as if something had bound their tongues.

It didn’t last for more a fortnight and then Arthur wished for the odd Kings and Queen to return. They were the only ones who could get through Uthur’s stubborn fear and Morgana’s unshakeable belief in the righteousness of magic users.

Now if only he could stop dreaming about a talking mouse and lion and all sorts of magical things and beings in a magical land. If only he understood its meanings and could use it to become a better king.



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May. 4th, 2011 11:10 pm (UTC)
Interesting cross (why did you vow to never write Narnia-fic?). I was with you until the last two lines. They don't quite fit, at least not for me. Unfortunately, I don't have a better suggestion...I'm not sure the story would be "better" without them :-/
May. 10th, 2011 01:40 am (UTC)
I try to stay away from Narnia and the obvious allegory. 'Aslan' always plans in layers which is why I added the last paragraph. he approaches some directly and some indirectly.
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