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Crossover Meme

Another meme, 'cause 3 out of the remaining 4 big bangs have the rough drafts done!

01. Your favorite crossover couple (romance).
Patience: Parker(Leverage)/Lorne(SGA).  It's so out there and there's such contrast.  I like to think they bring out the best in each other.  And I get a kick out of using supporting characters.
Tabitha: Joan Girardi/Sam Winchester.  She would be awesome at keeping him from being too serious and he would really understand how difficult her tasks can be sometimes.

02. A crossover you wish more people were into.
Patience: Magnificent 7/Sentinel.  The permutations would be mind-blowing.  Plus most people go slash and I want to see more gen.
Tabitha: Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural.  I really think these two go together, but I've only seen five others not counting my own.

03. Your favorite crossover based on supernatural/sci-fi shows.
Patience: Supernatural/Criminal Minds.  Because of Defect and Hell and Back.
Tabitha: Buffy the Vampire Slayer/Star Wars.  
04. Your favorite crossover based on comedy shows.
punting!  Neither of us watch comedy shows.

05. A crossover you wish that would happen for real (that a network actually did)
Patience: Pretender/Criminal Minds.  It would be so hard to do, but man do I want to see that.
Tabitha: White Collar/Leverage.  So many legends, in one room together.

06. A crossover couple you don't like
Patience: Willow/anybody.  She tends to turn people into Mary Sue/Marty Stu's.
Tabitha: Chloe Sullivan/Dean Winchester.  Chloe's whole life is Clark, Dean's whole life is his brother, and while these two could probably have some really hot sex, neither one of them deserves that in a relationship.

07. Your favorite crossover couple (friendship)
Patience: Mary Shannon and Jo Lupo.  I might have to write that.
Tabitha: Karrin Murphy/Kate Beckett.  jedibuttercup  wrote this and it was awesome.

08. A crossover fic/vid/picspam/other you recommend
Patience: Changing the Death Toll, for my own things.  So many future plans for this . . .Also Defect.
Tabitha: As far as my own work goes, Future Connection is still one of my favorites.  No one has ever reviewed it, which strikes me as odd since it once got nominated for an award, but I like the glimpse into Charlie Eppes' future and I like secretly smart!Terry McGinnis.  And the story written by other people that I go back to over and over again is Salt of the Earth by yaycoffeewrites because I think it's one of the best Joan of Arcadia/Supernatural crossovers out there.

09. A crossover couple you thought you wouldn't like but ended up loving
Patience: Most of my writing is precisely this concept.
Tabitha: Buffy Summers/Clone!Jack.  Patience convinced me.

10. The first crossover you liked
Patience: I have no idea!  Been writing crossovers since before the advent of the internet.
Tabitha: I remember reading X-Men/DCU, way back in the day.

11. Your guilty pleasure crossover
Patience: X-Men/Supernatural
Tabitha: Batman Beyond/Justice League.  I'm such a sucker for time travel.

12. A crackship
Patience: Margaret Houlihan/Jack O'Neill.
Tabitha: Carmen Sandiego/Waldo.  Read it in a White Collar fic once and loved it.

13. Your favorite crossover couple (rivals)
Patience: Sam Carter/ Nathan Stark.  She would totally trounce him.  Heck, I'd be happy with McKay verbally eviscerating him.
Tabitha:I love the idea of Peter Burke arguing with Nathan Ford over how to run a team.

14. The craziest crossover you've seen
Patience: Inception/Ten Things I Hate About You
Tabitha: Muppet Show/Supernatural.  Bobby and Miss Piggy once had a thing.

15. A crossover couple you created (that you haven't seen anywhere else)
Patience: Lorne/Parker
Tabitha: Joan Girardi/Sam Winchester.

16. Your favorite crossover based on movies.
Patience: The Mummy/Indiana Jones
Tabitha: Indiana Jones/Star Wars.  "Hey, you look like Han Solo!"

17. A movie/tv crossover
Patience: Star Wars/Stargate SG-1
Tabitha: Batman Begins/Buffy the Vampire Slayer

18. Your favorite crossover based on drama shows.
Patience: NCIS/anything, pretty much.
Tabitha: White Collar/Leverage.  They just go together, and I don't know why there aren't more of them.

19. The last crossover you started to like
Patience: Currently reading Buffy/Star Trek
Tabitha: Supernatural/Bones

20. Tell us how or what introduced you to crossovers
Patience: You mean your mind is supposed to stay in one universe?  It was a natural conclusion to watching TV.
Tabitha: The first dream I can remember mixed up the Flintstones and The Littles.  It was all downhill from there.

21. Best idea for a crossover you've seen
Patience: Anything by jedibuttercup  .  Seriously.
Tabitha: Patience's MASH/Buffy crossover.  I've never seen anything like it.

22. Mention 5 characters for a multicrossover show (doesn't matter if it makes sense just pick 5 characters you'd like to see together)
Patience: Parker (Leverage), Miss Parker(Pretender), Peter Burke (White Collar), Mary Shannon (In Plain Sight), Bruce Wayne (Batman Beyond, so old Bruce).
Tabitha: Terry McGinnis (Batman Beyond), Dean Winchester (Supernatural), Joan Girardi (Joan of Arcadia), Harry Dresden (The Dresden Files), and Neal Caffrey (White Collar).  I don't know what would happen, but I know it would be good.

23. If you're into slash/femslash, your favorite crossover couple. If not, tell us your favorite same gender friendship couple.
Patience: Neal Caffrey and Sherlock Holmes.  The oneupmanship would be epic.
Tabitha: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Dean Winchester.  Maychorian did this whole series of those two meeting up in bars and talking.

24. First crossover obsession
Patience: Buffy/anything.  Buffy was the gateway drug.
Tabitha: Daria/X-Men.

25. Current crossover obsession
Patience: Criminal Minds/Anything.
26. If you could imagine a fight scene, which characters would be involved? (can be a one on one fight or a group fight)
Patience: Wolverine, Alec (Dark Angel), Ronon (SGA), Lupo (Eureka), Zoe and Shepherd Book (Firefly).
Tabitha: Alec (Dark Angel), Mara Jade (Star Wars), River Tam (Firefly), Dean Winchester (Supernatural).

27. A non-human crossover couple (any kind of relationship)
Patience: Mouse (Dresden Files)/Satchmo (Whtie Collar), getting their masters out of trouble.
Tabitha: Castiel (Supernatural)/Mouse (Dresden Files), keeping their charges out of trouble.

28. Take your favorite crossover couple (romance) now kill one of them, describe the reaction of the one alive.
Patience: that would be a mess.
Tabitha: Joan/Sam, Sam dies, Joan grieves and fights harder to make sure that what he wanted got done.  She would probably never get together with anyone else.

29. A crossover couple (romance) you like but think it would end badly or cause problems.
Patience: any of the Buffyverse/Anyone in Stargate verse.  Too used to saving the world and using their team to do it.  I don't think they could create new habits.
Tabitha: Chloe Sullivan/Bruce Wayne.  Yeah.  Not going to be a happy ending.

30. A crossover you will support forever
Patience: Eureka/Stargate SG1/Atlantis
Tabitha: X-Men/Spiderman!  Stan Lee purposefully put them close together in location for crossovers!



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Apr. 24th, 2011 03:07 am (UTC)
25 would happen on a bar... Oz would be playing on stage and Obi-wan would appear to chop someone's arm of..

and Bobby would have to go bail them out of jail where they had becone BFF

Ithink that any crossover can benefit from having Dean, Oz and Methos form HL they are just awesome!

and Maychorain Obi-wan series if can be increased by repedeately asking for it in memes
Apr. 28th, 2011 09:41 pm (UTC)
Hi, I'm your artist for 'Sour Cherry Pie Life'. I sent you a PM when they released the list and still haven't heard back from you so I'm just commenting trying to get in touch with you. Thanks!
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