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30 days of awesome female characters on TV

These memes never get done if we leave them out over thirty days, so here are all the answers now!

Day One: Favorite female lead character
Patience: Miss Parker, Pretender.  She's strong despite all circumstances, and she has feelings and vulnerabilities she works past.
Tabitha: Joan Girardi, Joan of Arcadia.  She always felt very real to me.

Day Two: Favorite supporting female character
Patience: Parker, Leverage.  She's fun, funny, and insane, and the character is slowly learning how to support others.
Tabitha: Teyla Emmagen, Stargate Atlantis.  I can't write her, but she was so much fun.

Day Three: A female character you disliked but grew to love
Patience: Ziva David, NCIS.  I adored Kate and Ziva was very one-dimensional in the beginning.
Tabitha: Cordelia Chase, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel.  I grew quite found of her bluntness by the time I'd plowed through season 3.

Day Four: A female character you relate to
Patience: Joan Girardi, because of the strong family ties.
Tabitha: Joan Girardi again.  It's the reason she's my favorite female lead character, after all.

Day Five: Favorite female character on a male-driven show
Patience: Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds.  She's funny and she holds her own and she's very feminine.  Also, not afraid to be an individual.
Tabitha: Emily Prentiss, Criminal Minds.  She's just such an honest, straightforward character that has struggles and problems and history, and I love how they'll have her relating to a victim in one scene and two scenes later she's scary as all get-out.

Day Six: Favorite female-driven show
Patience: In Plain Sight.  The characters are all very blunt and honest.
Tabitha: Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  This was a hard one, because it's hard to determine exactly what makes a show female-driven, but the early seasons at least counted for me.  

Day Seven: A female character that needs more screen time
Patience: JJ, Criminal Minds.  'Cause, seriously, why did they take her off?  I might be a little bitter, still.
Tabitha: Elizabeth Burke, White Collar.  She's so awesome that even the slash writers are hesitant to do anything bad to her, which says a lot.  She's funny and she has her own life and interests and she is Peter Burke's rock.  Please write more of her, White Collar people!

Day Eight: Favorite female character in a comedy show
Patience: Parker, Leverage.  That's pretty much the most comedy I watch.
Tabitha: Dorothy, Golden Girls.  I haven't watched a comedy since I moved out of my parent's house, but I can still remember her introducing me to the fine art of sarcasm.

Day Nine: Favorite female character in a drama show
Patience: Abby Scuito, NCIS.  Science girl with awesome tatts.
Tabitha: Mary Shannon, In Plain Sight.  I wish I could have the kind of outspokenness and bluntness that she has, but then I think people wouldn't like me very much.

Day Ten: Favorite female character in a science fiction show
Patience: Samantha Carter, Stargate SG1.  Carter is the most fun.
Tabitha: Samantha Carter, Stargate SG1.  She's smart and funny and she saves the world.

Day Eleven: Favorite female character in a children’s show
Patience: Barbara Gordon, Batman.  She kept true in her own way.
Tabitha: Hawkgirl/Shayera Hol, Justice League.  I saw this show incredibly out of order because it hit at a time when I had no regular television access and I got caught up over downloads and DVD's, so the first time I saw her was actually in Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue.  There she was, dressed in track pants and sneakers, wielding the mace, and I had a new favorite.

Day Twelve: Favorite female character in a supernatural show
Patience: Jo Lupo, Eureka.  The first introduction.
Tabitha: Mary Winchester, Supernatural.  She's only been in eight episodes so far, but that's pretty good considering she died in the first five minutes of the pilot.  It's hard for me to put down into words why I enjoy her so much, but I think it comes down to her in the episode "Home," where Mary as a ghost saved her son's lives.

Day Thirteen: Favorite female character in a fantasy show
Patience: Kaylee Frye, Firefly.  She began an impressive character and has remained so.
Tabitha: River Tam, Firefly.  "I can kill you with my brain."

Day Fourteen: Favorite older female character
Patience: Jinx Shannon, In Plain Sight.  She changed and grew even at her age.
Tabitha: Barbara Gordon, Batman Beyond.  She throws a mean batarang and she doesn't let Bruce Wayne intimidate her.  What's not to love?

Day Fifteen: Favorite female character growth arc
Patience: Ziva David, NCIS.  Something must have happened for me to like her.
Tabitha: Ziva David, NCIS.  Assassin to investigator, choosing to leave behind what she grew up with because the people there were not trustworthy.

Day Sixteen: Favorite mother character
Patience: Ellen Harvelle, Supernatural.  She wants the best for not only her daughter, but anyone else she's adopted.
Tabitha: Martha Kent, Smallville.  Hands down the best TV mom ever, I think.

Day Seventeen: Favorite warrior female character
Patience: River Tam, Firefly.  She's battling both within and without.
Tabitha: Zoe Washburne, Firefly.  Knows exactly what she's capable of, and doesn't agonize over the choices.

Day Eighteen: Favorite non-warrior female character
Patience: Abby Scuito, NCIS.  She knows what she's good at and she holds to it.
Tabitha: Penelope Garcia, Criminal Minds.  Knows she isn't really meant for the field.

Day Nineteen: Favorite non-human female character
Patience: SARAH, Eureka.  She's had a very obvious personality from the beginning.
Tabitha: Drusilla, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Once you get her in your head, it takes days to get her back out.

Day Twenty: Favorite female antagonist
Patience: Brigitte, Pretender.  She's hard to define, which is what makes her fun.
Tabitha: Inque, Batman Beyond.  Interesting backstory, interesting look.

Day Twenty-One: Favorite female character screwed over by canon
In unison: JJ!

Day Twenty-Two: Favorite female character you love but everyone else hates
Patience: Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She's a survivor, no matter what people say.
Tabitha: Felicity King, Road to Avonlea.  I liked her from the beginning, when she was a bossy teenager and the foil for Sarah Stanley's character.

Day Twenty-Three: Favorite female platonic relationship
Patience: Zoe Carter and Jo Lupo, Eureka.  They both have something to bring to the relationship.
Tabitha: Buffy and Faith, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  I always loved their dynamic.

Day Twenty-Four: Favorite female romantic relationship
Choosing not to view this as femmeslash
Patience: Peter and Elizabeth Burke, White Collar.  They're just so cute, and she has her own life and can handle his job.
Tabitha: Peter and Elizabeth Burke, White Collar.  He would literally fall apart without her.

Day Twenty-Five: Favorite mother/daughter relationship
Patience: Catherine Parker and Miss Parker, Pretender.  Single most important relationship in her life and her mother had been gone for decades.
Tabitha: Ellen and Jo Harvelle, Supernatural.  These two had been a unit for so long by the end.

Day Twenty-Six: Favorite female group of characters
Patience: The BAU girls, Criminal Minds.  That scene where they're telling off the fake FBI agent who tries to pick one of them up.
Tabitha: same!

Day Twenty-Seven: Favorite female from a medical or procedural show
Patience: Abby Scuito, NCIS.  Obviously.
Tabitha: Martha M. Masters, House.  I'm not sure why.

Day Twenty-Eight: A female character that needs to be resurrected
Patience: Kate Todd, NCIS.  That moment at the end of season 2 still stands out as the worst season cliffhanger ever. 
Tabitha: Ellen Harvelle, Supernatural.  "Are you allergic to giving me peace of mind?"

Day Twenty-Nine: Favorite sister relationship
Patience: River and Simon Tam, Firefly.  Because they both put everything they are up for grabs to protect their sibling.
Tabitha: Buffy and Dawn Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  The way they picked on each other!  The way they protected each other!

Day Thirty: Favorite female guest star
Patience: Edna Raines, Pretender.
Tabitha: Mary Winchester, Supernatural.  You know she's going to be a guest star when she shows up, 'cause she's dead, but boy does a three minute appearance pack a punch.