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Drabble: Foreplay

 Title: Foreplay
Word Count: 200

Fandom: SGA
Belated TTH Challenge #106: it's not what it looks like!

John was supposed to meet Ronon in the gym. He was late. The door slid open long before John was near and he could hear ugly thuds. Good. Ronon found a different sparring partner.

By the time John is at the doorway, all he can smell is blood. He ran and slid to a stop. Ronon is facing him and he’s been beaten. He’s got a bloody nose, lip and can’t see out of one eye. His shoulder is drooping in a way John is intimately familiar with: dislocated. He is still standing.

So is his opponent. It’s that new, dark-haired civilian with a sealed criminal record. She’s bouncing in place, blood dripping from her fingertips. She darts forward and delivers a one-two punch that Ronon’s not fast enough to totally block. She slips on the blood puddle on the floor and Ronon kicks her while she’s down.

John’s horrified on so many levels, he doesn’t know where to begin. He does know where to stop though. “Hey,” he yells.

Ronon and the civilian back away from their opponent, each keeping a wary eye on the other.

“Need something,” Ronon asks disgruntled.

“Flyboy’s goin’ wreck our fun,” Faith muttered.