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Fic: Inception of an Agent

 Inception of an Agent
By PaBurke
Crossover: Inception (movie) and 10 Things I Hate About You
Summary: Cameron = Arthur
Disclaimer: Not mine
A/N: Someone else has probably written this, but I couldn't ignore the plot bunny

Arthur stood at the gravesites. This was why he did what he did. This was why he could work so well with Cobb. He understood this type of loss. Bianca was buried here, Michael was a couple plots over.

“Cameron?” A woman called over to him. She was holding bright, pink roses. Bianca would have loved them.

Arthur turned to face his (former) sister-in-law. “Kat.” She was still beautiful and sure of herself.

“You haven’t been home.” That was Kat. Blunt, honest, so very different from the life he now lived.


“Have you found out who killed them?” Michael had been the target because of his dream technology. Bianca had been killed because she just happened to be with Michael when the assassins came for him. They had been planning ‘Cameron’s’ birthday party.


Kat brightened and hardened and Arthur was reminded of the cold-hearted bitch that had scared the shit out of every male in the high school but one. “I can call my boyfriend,” she smirked, “he’s a very familiar face. We’ll help you make them pay.”


“Cameron. I know about Michael’s project. What it was. I know that you can’t do it alone. I know that we have the tools you need to make this happen.”

“No, Kat.” Arthur straightened his suit. Something he never would have done back when Kat truly knew him. “I have a contract to destroy him. I will use my normal team to do so.”

Kat lifted an eyebrow. “Getting someone else to bankroll something that you dearly want. Michael would be proud, Cameron.”

“My name is Arthur.” He walked away and this time, he was himself. He finally knew who he was at this moment in time. Not who he used to be. He was so very far removed from the loser teen who had won the heart of the prettiest girl in school.

“Cameron!” Kat shouted at him, never afraid to make a scene.

Arthur turned.

“You are always welcome at our place.”

Arthur smiled at her. “I know. I’ll be seeing you around, Kat.”

“Be seeing you… Arthur.”

They would probably never cross paths again.



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Apr. 14th, 2011 04:06 am (UTC)
That was...sad, and not just b/c Bianca and Michael are dead, but b/c Cameron's dead too, y'know? Does that make sense?

Interesting cross.
Apr. 18th, 2011 09:10 pm (UTC)
you understood it perfectly
Thx for the review. And you got what I was trying to write. (Yeah!)
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