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Fic: What Must Not Happen

Title: What Must Not Happen
Rating: Teen
Fandom: DCAU
Summary: Carrying on.

Bruce stood up from his chair and walked down the hall at the first sobs. He remembered Dick’s first few nights, and his own, and he’d been waiting. Easing open the door to Terry’s room, he crossed the room and sat down on the edge of the bed. The boy was sitting up, his knees pulled tight against his chest and his face buried in his arms. He didn’t look up when Bruce reached out and touched his shoulder.

The older man sighed internally. This wasn’t a job for Batman. Terry needed Alfred, but Bruce Wayne would have to do. He gathered the child in his arms and let him cry. He didn’t bother with comforting phrases; it would never be all right again, and he knew that very well. Terry continued to sob for another few minutes before going quiet. After several minutes of silence, the words slipped out.

“I don’t want to forget,” he said with a familiar determination. “He said I would start to forget, that things would get easier, but I don’t want to.”

Bruce wondered who had told the boy such a thing, but dismissed that as irrelevant for the moment. “You don’t forget. Ever.”


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