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Fic: What Is

Title: What is
Rating: Teen
Fandom: DCAU
Summary: Making arrangements

“If there are no further objections, this court appoints Bruce Wayne as legal guardian for Terrence McGinnis, dependent on twice-yearly reviews by Social Services.” The judge waited for several long moments before continuing. “Very well. Court is dismissed.”

The gavel banged down, and Bruce nodded his head and stood up. Barbara felt Terry stir in his seat next to her as the older man walked in their direction. “Terrence,” he said with a faint smile. The boy returned the smile tremulously, stood up, and joined his new guardian.

Barbara watched as the two walked out of the courtroom and remembered when Bruce had come to her with his suspicions: He believed the boy was an attempt to recreate Batman by persons unknown, and the evidence was pretty damned convincing. If left to the tender mercies of the system, those behind the experiment would no doubt make Terry’s life hell, so she had backed Bruce’s petition and prayed she wouldn’t regret it.