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Fic: What Could Be

Title: What Could Be
Rating: Teen
Fandom: DCAU
Summary: Catching attention.

Bruce set down his breakfast tray and turned on the news. He allowed himself one hour every day to catch up on Gotham; any more than that, and he had to fight the urge to head down into the Cave and suit up. After breakfast he’d work on charity paperwork before tinkering with one of his pet projects. Just like he’d done every day for the last six years.

He was halfway through his bland oatmeal when the violent crimes rundown began. Bruce set his bowl aside, his appetite gone, and forced himself to remain in his chair while the newscaster listed the “highlights,” the crimes that managed to catch the attention of the media.

The cynic knew that the only reason the crime made the list was the similarity to another murder, one far more famous. Another portion ached for the small boy who had grinned at him from a school picture. The joy and innocence there would probably never be recovered. The rest of him was a mixture of rage and suspicion. It fit too well. Batman didn’t believe in coincidence. Bruce stood up stiffly and headed for the computer. It looked like he’d found his latest project.