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Fic: What Once Was

Title: What Once Was
Fandom: DCAU
Rating: Teen
Summary: Noticing similarities.

Barbara turned the yellowed pages. The social worker had collected Terry McGinnis a few hours ago, and she had retreated to her office, locked the door, and pulled out a 65-year-old case file and the scrapbook she had inherited from Leslie. It was impossible to miss the parallels between the McGinnis case and the deaths of Thomas and Martha Wayne; she fully expected to see them on the news by morning. She needed the differences that had to be there. It should have been easy.

It was not. She’d been sorting through papers and her own memory for hours and all she had was a headache and a handful of superficialities. The two cases were essentially identical, with income the only true disparity. A family consisting of an eight-year-old boy and his loving parents are out for an evening at the movies when two gunshots abruptly destroy that same family. Terry even looked a little like Bruce at that age.

Barbara couldn’t quite shake the uneasy feeling that this had happened for a reason, although she wasn’t sure who might be pulling the strings. All she knew for sure was that the rest of the story could not take place.