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Fic: What Could Have Been

Title: What Could Have Been
Fandom: DCAU
Rating: Teen
Summary: The aftermath of a tragedy.
Author’s Note: This is a little series of vignettes based on events of Justice League Unlimited: Epilogue. If you’ve never seen that episode, this will contain spoilers.

Detective Gordon stood outside the office, looking in the window at the room’s small occupant. “He was the only witness?”

“Looks that way. Poor kid hasn’t said a word since they brought him in, so we can’t be sure, but chances are it’s a mugging gone wrong. We found her purse and his wallet down the street, stripped of cash and cards. The boy was sitting next to the bodies for close to an hour before anyone found him. He’ll probably be in therapy for the next ten years.”

“This is the worst part of the job,” Gordon muttered. “Is Social Services here yet?”

“A case worker is on the way. No idea when she’ll actually get here. Want to take responsibility for him until she finally shows up?”

Gordon nodded absently to the Lieutenant and stepped into the room. The boy looked up when the door opened, his pale blue eyes far too old for his face. The detective noted that though they’d exchanged his wet, blood-spattered clothing with sweats and given the child a blanket, he was still shivering. Barbara sat down next to him on the couch. “Hello, Terry. I’m Detective Gordon. I’m here to help you.”