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Fic: Role Model III

Title: Role Model III
Genre: Crack, Crossover (Leverage/SPN)
Rating: Teen
Summary: Substitute teachers seriously disrupt the flow of learning.

This was starting to get old, really. He didn’t know why Lisa wasn’t going on these stupid, unnecessary parent-teacher conferences. It wasn’t like they were showing graphic porn or dissecting human remains or anything. So what if the latest Computer Science teacher had taught the kids how to hack? It was an important skill, and it wasn’t like the guy had taught them how to hack government databases or anything. It was just a couple of ways around the internet filters on the school computers. He felt like he was punishing both himself and the teacher for the fact that his kid like to share every detail of his day with both of his parents. Honestly, that was the real problem. If he could just teach Ben not to tell his mom shit like this, they’d all be happier.

This guy gave off the same vibe as the first two teachers he’d been forced to meet with. Dean hoped they finished whatever they were doing soon. He had stuff to do that didn’t involve hauling his ass all the way to Ben’s school every other day. The man agreed to not show his students anymore tricks that might get them in trouble and Dean called it a day. He was taking Ben and Lisa out to practice using a crossbow.