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Fic: Role Model II

Title: Role Model II
Genre: Crack, Crossover (Leverage/SPN)
Rating: Teen
Summary: Substitute teachers seriously interrupt the flow of learning.

Well, at least this one was a little better than the last teacher that Dean had needed to talk to. Honestly, he didn’t even know what the big deal was about. All the man had done was teach the kids a few self-defense moves. They only found out as much when Ben used one of the moves during one of their own practice sessions at home, and the moves were good ones that mostly enabled the kids to disable and run away. Dean wasn’t really seeing the problem, but Lisa had just rolled her eyes when he brought that point up and made the conference appointment anyway.

The new teacher was running some sort of con, much like the science teacher had been, but it was obvious that Ben wasn’t his target and while the man practically exuded quiet menace Dean didn’t get any vibes that he was out to hurt any of the kids. That was good enough for him, honestly. He asked the guy to quit teaching Ben new moves, since it was disrupting the flow of Dean’s own lessons, and they parted company with mutual respect. You couldn’t ask for more than that.