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Drabble: It's Always on a Tuesday

 Title: It’s Always on a Tuesday
Word Count: 200
Fandom: White Collar
Challenge #106: it's not what it looks like!

The girl was a trooper, Neal could attest to that.

She didn’t complain about the cuffs holding them together (the kidnappers’ bright idea).

She didn’t do more than roll her eyes when they had to dash through the moat of acid (and that was overly dramatic even for him). They had had to immediately strip out of their pants, socks and shoes to stop the acid from reaching skin.

When the spears had come out of the wall and sliced them both, she hadn’t screamed. She simply took off her shirt, tore it on one of the spears and used it to bind up their wounds. Neal persuaded her to take his suit jacket then. Yeah, the only way to get it off his shoulders and onto hers was by turning it inside out, pivoting it at the cuffs.

She didn’t swear at him when he tripped on the dock and fell on top of her.

She even laughed when Peter’s shined shoes appeared by her head.

“Neal,” Peter warned.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” Neal protested. “We were kidnapped. And she… what is your name?” he asked her.

She laughed harder. “Dawn, Dawn Summers and it must be Tuesday.”