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Author’s Note:
This was a fun one. I had a few different concepts for it, most of them darker than this, but in the end I went with the slightly better-adjusted one.

The original story I wanted to write was what basically became the epilogue. I wanted to write Gabriel and Harry Dresden snarking at each other, but that level of snark was beyond me. And Joan just kept poking at me, wanting in the story, and Harry was being difficult. Maybe someday I’ll write the story with Castiel and Harry Dresden.

If you haven’t gone over and given praise to satavaisa  for her art yet, go do it! It’s pretty darned awesome.

And of course, many thanks go to my beta, Patience. She’s awesome and despite working overtime and many other real life commitments she plowed through this thing with a fine-toothed comb for me.

Listing of the pranks, in the order which they occur:
1. Pretending to be Gabriel Parker, law student.
2. Changing appearance for the couple making out in the study carrel.
3. Ryan Beck’s relocation to the Roman Empire circa 72 AD.
4. The invented vengeful spirit to throw off Sam and Dean.
5. Revisiting Ryan Beck
6. Professor Naughty Pants getting caught.
7. Relocating coffee
8. Rearranging the medical texts
9. Changing the eyeglass prescription of the local politician
10. Feral hamsters
11. Burst pipes on a pleasantly sunny day.
12. Jaguar left abandoned on the beach in the Philippines.
13. Turning the gun into a water pistol.
14. Relocating Sam’s chair
15. Hiding the Ark of the Covenant in Grant’s tomb.
16. Relocating Gabriel’s chair
17. Relocating coffee
18. Altering coffee
19. Taking them all into the world of ‘Sunshine.’
20. Sugar into salt.
21. Bad guy being dangled from a roof by Batman.
22. Castiel was thrown into Twilight.
23. Stretching time.
24. Turning the beer non-alcoholic.
25. Corvette into a Pinto
26. Rapist in prison show.
27. Undoing the plastic surgery
28. Turning cheap silverware into Gabriel’s Horn.
29. Loop of survivor
30. Castiel being dropped into Leverage.
31. Folds space to create the apartment
32. Relocates pizza
33. Relocates coffee
34. Relocates clothing from Joan’s apartment.
35. Steals couch
36. Tribbles in the air ducts at Harvard
37. Tiger’s stripes changing into spots
38. Stealing blanket from White House
39. Carnivorous bunnies
40. Sam’s soul in a Tupperware container


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Mar. 22nd, 2011 05:59 am (UTC)
I really enjoyed this. And the sneaky extra crossovers :-D.

Thank you.
Mar. 22nd, 2011 09:02 am (UTC)
oh. you caught those?
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