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Drabble: Time and Time Again

 Challenge #104: Time and Time Again
Title: Time and Time Again
Word Count: 200

Fandom: Highlander
tth Challenge #104: so long, farewell, Auf wiedersehen, adieu

“No. Dawnie, no. Stay with me,” Richie Ryan begged his wife. He was valiantly trying to hold her intestines in her stomach. Their first meeting at been like this: Richie had been sliced by a gangster in Cleveland and some girl, a stranger, had hurried to his side and begged him not to leave.

“Dawnie?” Richie whispered. His beautiful wife of four hundred years smiled softly. They knew that she couldn’t get sick, or age but that she healed –or didn’t heal- at the same rate as a normal human. Some injury that would kill a human would kill her. Dawn knew she was dying, like Richie had known that day: A pretty girl had recognized what he was and was making a fuss so that people would look at her and not at the wound closing in seconds. She said that they were married, that they hadn’t had enough time.

“We haven’t have enough time,” Richie told her.

Dawn laughed and spit up blood. “We’ll meet again,” she promised. We’ll meet again, Richie had told her and had made a date for the following Friday night.

“I want a date,” Richie demanded.

“Soon,” she promised. “Love you, my Immortal.”