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Drabbles: Reject, Stupid, and Accident

 Title: Reject
Word Count: 100
Fandom: American Idol
Challenge #102: give me the microphone

Ryan Seacrest held the microphone in front of the latest contestant’s face. “Simon was pretty brutal with you. He called your personal style unsellable,” he said. “Any reaction?”

“He’s making a bad business move based on personal bias,” Sweet sniffed. He couldn’t mention more than that on TV. Sweet really thought that Cowell would look past their clan feud to the bigger picture.

Ryan looked interested but he had been given strict instructions for interviewing this contestant. “That song choice, ‘They got the Mustard Out.’ Whatever made you choose that?”

“I saw it performed; its accompanying dance is greatly choreographed.”


Title: Stupid
Word Count: 200
Fandom: SG1/SGA
Challenge #102: give me the microphone

“Stupid, stupid,” Xander muttered to himself. He had gotten herded to ‘safety’ with the rest of civilians while the military chased an ugly that was meeting with the fugly Xander was chasing.

The military was about to open fire, but if they weren’t informed, they would piss off –not kill- the demon. Xander eyed the guards for a weak link. The Air Force major would have been a logical choice ‘cept that the Marines respected him.

Still, he might bend the rules. So Xander motioned to the major, indicating that he needed to piss and then motioning to the trees hopefully. The major rolled his eyes but waved him past. Xander walked right next to him, snatched his earpiece and ran.

“Shoot the fugly in the butt,” he called over the radio.

“How do you know that,” a voice demanded back.

“Long story… ugh.” He was tackled and got a mouthful of leaves. Yuck. He was rolled over to face the pissed-off major. “Look, have you ever heard of the Initiative?”


“That’s a good thing. Just shoot the thing in the right cheek. That’s where its heart is.”

“Roger that.”

Xander sighed and muttered, “stupid.” Debriefing would be hell.


Title: Accident
Word Count: 100
Fandom: Leverage
Challenge #102: give me the microphone

“How do we get Steve Vacik to expose his leech-like behavior?” Parker asked Nate. “He does all his business in his office without witnesses.”

“We need to make him to do business elsewhere,” Nate said.

Hardison offered, “Roach exterminators? Elliot would make an excellent roach exterminator.”

“We could pay off the secretary,” Sophie suggested. “Harmony doesn’t seem to be particularly loyal.”

They heard static on the companywide PA. “…have my plane ready, Harmony. By tomorrow, the company will be bankrupt and I’ll be in Cancun… Yes, Mr. Vacik. My bags are already packed…”

“Or good at her job,” Nate mused.