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Fic: Spring is Surprising

 Spring is Surprising
By PaBurke
Summary: Clark Kent has left the farm for the first time decades. Space is more complicated than he remembered. And nothing is simple where James T Kirk is concerned. Part 3 of the Seasons Universe.
Cross: Justice League Universe and Star Trek: Reboot
Words Count: 1,000


Spock was once again confused. James T Kirk seemed to delight in putting him in this state.

The captain, Noyta and the chief hydroponics officer had returned from the isolated planet, where once again the captain had managed to talk his way down to the surface. Not a single Federation group or individual had before step foot on the planet, respectfully following the inhabitants’ ban on outsiders.

Why had they changed their mind for Captain Kirk? Kirk could use diplomacy like a weapon but it wasn’t preferred in his arsenal.

Noyta reported that every single inhabitant was female. Reproduction issues aside, Kirk was infamous for disturbances concerning females of all shapes and races. He was rarely damaged from such meetings, but he never been completely unscathed. He hadn’t gotten the Federation kicked off of the planet, despite the odds of the betting pool. This time, Kirk was subdued and ordered Chekov to continue on their flight path out of the solar system. He also sent a report to Starfleet informing them that several of the younger generation of the planet was interested in attending the Academy. Starfleet would follow up on the potential cadets. How had Kirk managed to talk the native females off the planet?

When Kirk gave Spock the bridge and left via the lift, Spock passed control of the ship to Sulu and followed shortly afterward. Logically, the captain would go to the source of his dilemma and so Spock walked in the direction of hydroponics. Noyta found him standing in the hall, seemingly without purpose. He motioned for silence and then gathered Noyta close and still, his head tucked into her neck. Her surprise was evident in her body language. He never touched her in public and here they were. He was using her and hoped she wouldn’t deduce his intentions.

She spoke the truth faster than he had considered possible. “Are we eavesdropping on the Captain?”


She grinned, which he had not predicted. “Let’s do it in the time honored human manner.” She wrapped her arms around him and kissed him on the mouth.

Humans resorted to this ploy often? He was supposed to concentrate on the Captain during this? Humans as a species were obviously more talented than he had assumed. Spock divided his attentions and was rewarded for his efforts.

“Why didn’t you tell me that your ex-girlfriend lived there?” the captain asked.

Mr. Kent didn’t answer right away, or Noyta too was distracting. Then he heard, “Ex-girlfriend?”

Kirk laughed. “I can spot an ex-girlfriend faster than Bones can spot anaphylactic shock.” Such an assessment was completely truthful.

Kent responded, “Jimmy. I will never tell you everything.”

“Is this a no-win scenario?”

“Don’t be ridiculous, Jimmy. I would never challenge you to investigate my past like that.”

“So I’m correct? Diana is your ex-girlfriend. You definitely parted on good terms.” Perhaps the captain would take notes; his ex-girlfriends tended to be deadly.

“I helped her move her people out here when circumstances were favorable.”

“Meaning what exactly?”

“She couldn’t leave before and no one could find her before.”

“Technology caught up to her people,” the captain surmised. “Both the advantages and the disadvantages.”

Kent didn’t answer. Was that because he was nodding or shaking his head or because he did not want to lie to the captain? Noyta changed the angle of their kiss and it became most pleasurable.

Kirk cleared his throat and Spock lifted his head. The conversation must have ended. The captain was grinning widely at the couple. “Congratulations Uhura for corrupting our First Officer. I hope you heard everything that you wanted, Spock.” Kirk turned on his heel and walked away, humor evident in his stride. Was he whistling?

“Busted,” Noyta muttered. “Should have known better than to try that on the captain.”

“He has done the same?” Spock asked.

“Oh, I’m sure of it, multiple times, but he got away with it.”

“Obviously, we need to practice more.”

Noyta grinned at him like he had told a joke. “Did you hear anything good?” She acknowledged that Vulcan hearing exceeded that of humans.

“Did you meet a Diana on the planet?”

“Yes. She was the queen. Nothing Kirk said or did surprised her. If fact, she seemed amused by him.” Noyta paused. “How did Kirk know that he had to include a female on the mission? It would have been disastrous without one there but I’m not normally included for planetary exploration.”

“Mr. Kent told him.”

Noyta glanced at the closed door to hydroponics. “How did he know?”

“I am about to ask.”

“Good luck.”

“I will require extraordinary investigative and interrogation skills, not luck.”

Noyta shook her head. “I’ve heard about Kent. He only answers questions that he wants to. He’s not going to give you any clues on accident.”

“I will be my most persuasive.”

Noyta tilted her head an assent and walked away. Spock pondered the most logical conversation thread and walked into hydroponics. Kent was standing by his work bench, nursing a set of tiny seedlings to health.

“Good evening, Commander,” Kent greeted him.

“Good evening, Mr. Kent.”

Spock waited. He had found that humans often filled silences with information. Kent ignored him and kept on working as if the Vulcan had retreated to hydroponics for the silence and comfort like many human crew members. Spock would have retreated to someplace with a higher temperature and a lower humidity if given a choice. Kent still did not acknowledge Spock.

“Why did you add you name to the voluntary off-world assignments?” Spock queried.

“I didn’t. Kirk didn’t give me a choice. He said that he was going to change the reputation of the red shirts.”

“I don’t follow your logic.”

“No,” Kent grinned. “It’s the captain’s logic you don’t follow. All inquiries should be addressed to him.”

“He enjoys his secrets. How old are you Mr. Kent?” Spock asked bluntly.

“Too old. Good day, Commander.”

Spock knew when he had been dismissed by an elder.