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Too many BigBangs

 So, we might have signed up for some BigBangs (mostly Faithdaria) but I might have my name on one or two...

1.)  gabriel_bigbang 15000 words posting date TBD.  Faithdaria wrote it (JoA/SPN) Rough draft completed and turned in.

2.) sncross_bigbang rough draft due April 20th.  15000 TBD PaBurke needs to make a decision and focus on one of three stories.

3.) spn_gen_bigbang  rough draft due July 15th.  15000 words Faithdaria is 6000 words. wee!Ben

4.) spn_j2_bigbang rough draft due May 1st.  20000 words. Faithdaria is 9000 words. PaBurke is doing art for it.

5.) crossbigbang  rough draft is due April 20th. 15000 words Dresden Files/NCIS 24000 words done, we just need to finish the story.  Both of us are writing this one.  PaBurke is going to do an art there as well.