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Fic: Christmas Gifts: Watchtower Version

 Christmas Gifts: Watchtower Version
By PaBurke
Summary: Fluff. A double drabble based on the Flash song
Rating: Kid-friendly


“Heya, Bats!” the Flash greeted his friend across the length of the unused hanger bay.

The Batman nodded curtly.

The Flash was not subdued at all and sped to the vigilante’s side. It was Christmas on the Watchtower and the space station was manned by a skeleton crew. “What’s up?”

“I need you to try out the newest training program.”

The Flash bounced in place. “Awesome. Where?” A laser hit the Flash’s hand before he could move. “Ouch! That hurt.”

“Then don’t get hit,” the Batman said over his shoulder. He walked away –and he never got hit.

The Flash went whizzin’ by, dodging lasers and moving obstructions. “This is great!”

J’onn was waiting for Batman in the observation room. “This appears to be the most challenging training program yet,” the Martian observed.

“It is.”

J’onn tilted his head. “Does the Flash realize that you rewrote several laws of physics for his new toy?”

J’onn detected a wave of embarrassment from Batman’s mind. “Don’t be ridiculous,” Batman ground out. “Faster computers are always an advantage.”

A red blur stopped at Batman’s side again and strong arms wrapped around him. “Thanks so much, Bats! This is the best Christmas gift ever!”